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Peace Palace Vredespaleis The Hague

The Key Sectors of The Hague

From Cyber Security to Impact Economy

The Hague, world-renowned as the International City of Peace and Justice, is a city where talented individuals are working hard to create a better, safer, and more just world. With a robust and ever-growing network of organisations and initiatives, The Hague particularly welcomes events related to New Energy, Finance, Legal & Policy Matters, IT & Technology Developments, Impact Economy Strategies and Cyber Security Solutions. The Dutch capital has three distinct economic profiles: Legal & Policy Capital (for justice), ImpactCity (for improvement) and Security Delta (for security). All these sectors are striving for innovation that will result in a more secure and just society.

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Key Facts and Figures

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Institutions and Organisations
One Young World The Hague
Key Sector

The City of Peace and Justice

Being internationally known as the International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague is the perfect choice for international conferences that touch up on this theme. The Hague is home to the Dutch Parliament, Nobel-prize winning organisations and many NGOs working towards creating a better, safer and more just world. Due to the city's peace and justice ecosystem, The Hague has welcomed many impactful events over the past years, including One Young World and the Nuclear Summit.

Peace & Justice expertise
Nadir in Cyber
Key Sector

Cyber Security

The city of The Hague is a major and rapidly expanding Cyber Security hub in Europe. Due to harvesting Europe’s leading Cyber Security cluster, The Hague Security Delta, many major international advancements and breakthroughs in the fields of Cyber Security are being developed in The Hague area. With so much knowledge and expertise at its fingertips, The Hague is the perfect place for events related to Cyber Security. 

Cyber Security expertise
Hybrid City Alliance
Key Sector

IT & Technology

As the global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, The Hague is a great place for events related to IT and Technology. At the national level, The Hague is home to the new Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence and initiatives and organisations, including ImpactCity and WorldStartup. Together they form a strong technology ecosystem in The Hague that attracts industry leaders as well as young IT talent.

IT & Tech expertise
Key Sector

New Energy

In the Netherlands, The Hague is known as the centre of the generation of energy. For that reason, many energy companies such as Shell, Orsted and Total and the International Geothermal Association chose to locate in the city. Many initiatives in The Hague actively support the development of sustainable solutions, ensuring the transition to renewable forms of energy in the near future. Recognising The Hague’s energy ambitions, many events related to energy have taken place in our city. The Hague can be the stage for your next energy event as well!

New energy sector expertise
International Criminal Court The Hague
Key Sector

Legal & Policy

The Hague is a key player in the Legal, Policy and Finance sector and is known as the legal capital of the world. Industries such as insurance, asset management and pension expertise are well-established in the city. Due to the city’s international reputation and extensive network of specialists, many renowned global events and conferences in the Legal & Policy sector have chosen The Hague for their event. Your event can be next!

Legal and Policy expertise
ImpactFest The Hague
Key Sector

Impact Economy

In the events industry, it is becoming increasingly important to look beyond business objectives only. Events need a message, a mission, to be as sustainable as possible and preferably contribute to the greater good. The city of The Hague supports this way of thinking by showcasing that economic success and social engagement can and should go hand in hand. The city’s motto ‘Doing Good and Doing Business’ encapsulates this mindset. Your next (hybrid) impact event in The Hague? Read more!

Impact Economy Expertise
Fam Trip to The Hague
Key Sector

Life Sciences and E-Health

The Netherlands offers a comprehensive healthcare system with plenty of top-notch health centres and hospitals. Each year the country invests around 10% of its GNP in the health sector to ensure top-quality care. 

There is a high concentration of pioneering companies in medical technology in the city and the region such as Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Toshiba Medical Systems, Draeger and PharmaPack.

New start-ups and initiatives include Medical Delta, a network of life sciences, health and technology organisations, and Smart Lab, an initiative of the Sophia Rehabilitation Centre, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and TU Delft where innovations in the field of rehabilitation are tested. 

Life Sciences expertise