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The Hague webinar

The Stage For Your Event

Why The Hague?

The Hague is a great destination for your event. The city offers World-Class venues, ranging from small charming venues to large conference centres. The Hague is a green city, easily accessible and skilled in topics ranging from Cyber Security to Impact Economy.

The Hague is Home to

Multinational Companies
Foreign Embassies
Institutions and Organisations
Den Haag

World-Class Venues

The Hague offers many venues ranging from World-Class Conference Centres to venues with an idyllic view over the North-Sea. Besides, the vast majority of the venues are designed in a fully corona-proof way, so that you can offer a safe environment for your delegates. 

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Hybrid Events

The Hague is a Hybrid City

Hybrid events are not a passing trend. They are here to stay! Together with our partners, we have implemented innovative solutions to make The Hague the stage for your hybrid meeting and event. As soon as we will be able to meet again, venues in The Hague are ready to welcome you to their impressive hybrid studios.

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World Forum sustainability
Sustainable City

One Of The Greenest Cities In Europe

The city of The Hague is a green city. From the world-famous venue Peace Palace you can walk through green to the beach, passing through the Scheveningse Bosjes woods and Oostduinpark. The Hague is focused on maintaining a green city for its citizens and visitors. It goes without saying that sustainability is integral to all conventions organised in the city.

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The HAgue
Ideal location

Easy Accessibility

The Hague is easy to reach from anywhere in the world! Whether you prefer to travel by air, by road, by train and even by boat, all of these are viable and comfortable options for you and your delegates. The city is located between two international airports, is well connected by public transport and has a high-quality road and bicycle lane infrastructure.

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Nadir in Cyber
From Cyber-Security to Impact Economy

Key Sectors and Clusters

Every day, people in The Hague are working towards creating a better, safer and more just world. They especially work in jobs related to Peace and Justice, New Energy, Cyber Security, Legal & Finance, IT & Technology and Impact Economy – our most developed sectors. That's why The Hague has hosted many events related to these topics.

More About The Hague's Most Developed Sectors
David Frielink

Question about Event Opportunities in The Hague?

Do you have a question about your potential event in The Hague? Feel free to get in touch! Our advice is completely free of charge.