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International events in The Hague

International Events in The Hague

Build on The Hague’s solid reputation as an impact city, the city of peace and justice, and the city that does good and does business by holding your event here. The Hague welcomes diversity and ambition. At The Hague Convention Bureau we are eager to facilitate the remarkable experiences that will live on in the memories of everyone involved and to contribute to the success of your association or corporate organisation. We recognise and truly appreciate the positive impact that each congress has on our city, and that’s why you have our full attention and our absolute commitment.

How we can help
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Ocean Energy Europe 2023

Organising an event for your association or corporate organisation?

The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau and its partners have vast experience in hosting high-scale international events, with numerous conferences and congresses already held in the city. With dedicated commitment, robust infrastructure, and extensive networks, The Hague ensures the success of your event. We value the positive impact of each congress on our city and recognize the global significance of associations and corporate organisations. Rest assured, any association choosing The Hague for their event receives our full support. Enhance your companies reputation by leveraging our expertise.

The Convention Bureau collaborates with a curated network of trusted, expert conference organizers. Once you've outlined your needs in a detailed request for proposal (RFP), we'll connect you with the perfect match. Reach out to us to explore how they can streamline your event planning process. Let our experienced partners lighten your workload and ensure your event's success!

Request for Proposal
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Ocean Energy Europe 2023

Our Experience in International Events

Explore The Hague's diverse event history, spanning medical, legal, IT & Tech, security, and renewable energy sectors. Benefit from the Convention Bureau's expertise, tapping into the city's dynamic knowledge infrastructure to deliver outstanding content and access to global expertise. Renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and top-tier event security, The Hague guarantees a seamless experience for guests. Discover how The Hague's intellectual capital can elevate your event in our knowledge cluster section.

Knowledge infrastructure
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Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs)

In-country professional conference organisers are worth their weight in gold. They will make your life much easier by facilitating complicated essentials like obtaining visas and the documents needed to import goods for events. They know about the destination country’s languages, cultural norms, events, public holidays, currency and logistics

Our network of PCOs
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Den Haag Centraal

The Accessibility

The Hague lies between two international airports: Amsterdam Schiphol, one of Europe’s major international hub airports, and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. A short road or rail journey will quickly bring you right into the city centre. There are also good high speed train connections with surrounding countries. Once in The Hague, the city’s efficient transport system and its compact size makes getting around town a breeze. It is one of the easiest places in Europe to get to and to travel around in!

More about the accessibility of The Hague
David Frielink

Let's make your Event a success

Want to learn more? Get in touch with David Frielink for help or advice at: d.frielink@thehague.com.