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IT & Tech expertise

The Hague benefits from an excellent IT infrastructure, a flexible multilingual and multinational talent pool, a favourable business and policy climate, and access to international markets, influencers and investors. Its conducive business environment for corporates and scale-ups makes the city a stepping stone for businesses wishing to expand their operations in the Netherlands and beyond. The Hague, being top 5 Fastest growing Tech Hub in Europe, is on its way to become a new Silicon Valley in the near future. With more than 1500 start ups in The Hague greater area the IT sector and investments in it are growing every year. It is also thrilling to see increasing numbers of people joining tech communities and taking part in tech events in our city.

Your next event in The Hague? We are here to help.

The Hague, centre of IT and Tech expertise

Our city attracts best tech minds and creatives who look for an inspiring and innovative environment to work in. As a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, The Hague is a centre of IT and Tech expertise. In fact, it is one of the top five fastest growing tech hubs in Europe.

TOP 5 innovation hubs The Hague

  • Binckhaven is the beating heart of ImpactCity of The Hague with 200 creative businesses, where everything is about doing good and doing business.
  • Apollo 14 is a hub for technological and social innovators in the fields of peace, law, security, energy, health, food, water and many other global challenges.
  • The Hague Humanity Hub is a community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian action, bringing together NGOs, academia, commercial enterprises and governmental bodies.
  • The Hague Tech is a thriving and diverse community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, scale-ups striving for technological innovations with co-working environment and tech labs, focusing mainly on block chain technology, artificial intelligence and smart building technology. Impact accelerator and a thriving lobal entrepreneurship platform WorldStartup is one of the residents of The Hague Tech.
  • YES!Delft – community from Delft with an ambition to make the new location a vibrant and an innovative environment for tech startups with focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

    Specialist in IT & Tech events

    As a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, The Hague is an excellent venue for IT and technology events and conferences. Home to the new Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence, our ecosystem is at the forefront of the industry. Together with initiatives and organisations including ImpactCity and WorldStartup, The Hague attracts industry leaders and top-tier IT talent. This makes it a prime location for cutting-edge discussions and developments.

    If you are thinking of organising an IT & Tech event here, contact us. We would be pleased to help with finding the right venues, the right speakers and so on.

    Tech for good

    Many new technologies are used to promote peace and justice. Doing good and doing business is The Hague’s guiding principle. Tens of thousands of talented people here work on innovations for a better, safer and more just world.
    Some of The Hague's initiatives encompass the tech for good approach:

    • The Hague Humanity Hub is a unique platform for mutual inspiration, cooperation and co-creation. It hosts corporations, non-profits, international organisations such as UNOCHA, networks such as HumanityX and the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation.
    • Another recent initiative is CLAIRE, the European headquarters of ‘AI for Good’ in The Hague. 
    Joris Boässon Borger

    Get in touch with us

    As IT & Tech is one of The Hague’s important key sectors, the city welcomes events in this field to be organised here and in some cases will even provide subsidies.
    Please contact our International Sales Manager Joris Boässon Borger for more information and support in organising your event at j.boasson@thehague.com. We would be pleased to help with finding the right venues, the right speakers and so on.