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United Nations SDGs The Hague

Impact Economy - Doing good and doing business in The Hague

In the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) industry, it is increasingly important to look beyond only business objectives. Events need a message, a mission, to be as sustainable as possible and preferably contribute to the greater good.
The city of The Hague, seat of the Government of The Netherlands, supports this way of thinking by showcasing that economic success and social engagement can and should go hand in hand. The city’s motto ‘Doing Good and Doing Business’ encapsulates this mindset.

‘Doing good & doing business’

The Hague forms a unique junction for private corporations, international governmental organisations, social investors and hundreds of NGOs that focus on global social challenges in the area of climate change, humanitarian aid, innovation in the food sector and renewable energy. Add a constant influx of dynamic impact entrepreneurs and you have the ideal ecosystem for putting the motto ‘doing good & doing business’ into practice. This ambition was set out in one of the economic spearheads adopted by the Municipal Executive in 2015, when it began to build a competitive start-up and scale-up infrastructure. Five years on, many of the goals set at the time have been realised. The new Municipal Executive has reaffirmed the Impact Economy’s importance for a future-proof city – entirely in line with The Hague’s status as International City of Peace and Justice. It is also another means by which The Hague can contribute to the realisation of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The Municipality of The Hague wants to stimulate the Impact Economy by creating a very favourable business climate for young entrepreneurs and by making as many targeted investments as possible in people, locations, experiments and ideas. Over the past few years, The Hague has strengthened the start-up hub in the Binckhaven industrial area with thousands of extra metres of space for innovative entrepreneurs. In addition, the Municipality has taken major strides when it comes to facilitating access to networks, capital, talent and markets.

Global entrepreneurship summit 2019

The Hague - where minds connect to work on global challenges

In The Hague people have been working for over a century on global challenges. With figureheads like the Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice, Europol and the International Criminal Court, The Hague is worldwide known as the international city of peace and justice. The Hague is the city for entrepreneurs who want to build a better world.

As a diving board into Europe and the rest of the world, The Hague’s local and at the same time unique international network connects NGOs, knowledge institutes, creative entrepreneurs and leading companies who want to make a difference. The city offers a wide range of possibilities to dynamic impact entrepreneurs - start-ups and scale-ups - from all over the world.

The Hague is a frontrunner in key industries such as Cyber Security, Peace and Justice, IT & Tech, Oil & Gas and renewable energy. This immense knowledge structure, paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, makes The Hague the perfect event destination for an event with a focus on the impact economy.

The Hague is the first ImpactCity in the world. We are proud to be the frontrunner on an international scale when it comes down to join forces for entrepreneurship and impact to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN). It is the hotspot for (international) Startups and Scaleups that focus on innovations for a better world. 

ImpactFest The Hague

Events with focus on Impact economy - Impact Fest

One of the events initiated in The Hague itself is the annual flagship event ImpactFest:

  • At the annual Impact Fest, socially engaged purpose-driven entrepreneurs from all corners of the world are given a platform to present their business, pitch their ideas to investors, share experiences to scale together and enjoy coaching support.
  • An initiative of the Municipality of The Hague, it only took Impact Fest three years to grow into the largest impact event with international start-ups in the Netherlands.
  • Within four years it has become the biggest impact event with international Startups in Europe.
  • ImpactFest had almost 2000 participants in 2019 and is one of the “must-attend” events of the year in The Hague, where key change-makers come every year to network and find high impact solutions.

EVPA anniversary in The Hague

Thanks to The Hague’s strong reputation as the Netherlands’ premier impact city, EVPA decided to participate in the 2019 edition of Impact Fest. At this event, EVPA and ESADE Business School organised a joint workshop dealing with new developments within the financial sector and the effects of guidelines for investing with impact versus investing for impact. The attraction and optimal investment of capital for the public good are core activities for this European network of venture philanthropists and social investors with an impact first profile. And it chose The Hague as its destination.

The EVPA anniversary event brought together more than 1,000 social investors and venture philanthropists from around the world to The Hague. In this special global edition, attendees looked back at the results achieved over the last 15 years. They also looked towards the future together with the ecosystem of international financiers who work based on the principle of ‘doing good & doing business’ in their philanthropy and investments.

For The Hague, this 2019 event was a unique occasion to bring a large, international group of socially engaged financiers in touch with entrepreneurs in ImpactCity, The Hague. It created a wealth of opportunities to exchange in-depth knowledge and to substantially increase impact entrepreneurs’ reach within these valuable networks. In addition to focusing on EVPA’s European members, the 2019 anniversary edition paid special attention to successes achieved by EVPA’s sister organisation, AVPN, in Asia. This is in addition to the initial results of similar initiatives in Africa and South America.

The Hague has the right infrastructure, impact network and atmosphere to host the diverse demands of Impact events. READ MORE HERE. 

The Hague is a growing hub for innovation and entrepreneurship with a growing number of start-ups, scale-ups and dynamic small and medium-sized businesses. Please refer to the page of our partner organisation The Hague Business Agency for the overview of relevant impact innovation hubs.

Role of The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB)

THCB not only facilitates access to the best event infrastructure the city has to offer but functions as a connector between event planners and local experts, such as the ImpactCity.

  • ImpactCity is the startup and scale-up community of The Hague that helps innovative entrepreneurs to successfully start and scale their business here. 
  • This impact economy encapsulates economic success going hand in hand with solutions for a better world. 

THCB can also assist in sourcing inspiring keynote speakers and help organisers partner local organisations to put together an impactful side programme as well as engaging educational fam trips.

Jeanine Dupigny

Get in touch with us

As impact economy is one of The Hague’s important key sectors, the city welcomes events in this field to be organised here and in some cases will even provide subsidies.
Please contact our International Sales Manager Jeanine Dupigny for more information and support in organising your event at j.dupigny@thehague.com. We would be pleased to help with finding the right venues, the right speakers and so on.