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Cyber Security

The Hague has a vast network of cyber security companies and government and knowledge institutions that form a solid cluster working on innovative cyber security solutions and knowledge development.

The Hague has established itself as a major hub for cyber security in Europe. This is demonstrated by the presence of the European Cybercrime Centre Europol (EC3), the National Cyber Security Centre, NATO Communications and Information Agency and a wide range of cyber security businesses.

The Hague cyber security

Cyber Security cluster and events

The Hague Security Delta (HSD) is Europe’s leading cyber security cluster.Its vision is a more secure world and it comprises over 250 public and private partners and knowledge institutions that collaborate on innovative security solutions and knowledge development. HSD’s seat is the HSD Campus in The Hague. HSD also facilitates the soft-landing of international organisations, talent and innovators into the Dutch security ecosystem.

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 Cyber Security 2019 One Conference

Cyber security conferences in The Hague

With so much knowledge and expertise at its fingertips, The Hague is a good, easy to reach location for cyber security conferences and events of all sizes. In the digital age, keeping conferences safe and secure is paramount. That The Hague takes cyber issues seriously is seen in its innovative way of ensuring that its own digital infrastructure and that of its conference venues and their suppliers are safe and secure. Security checklists, running security training sessions and security testing of the networks are examples of initiatives. 

The Hague has already hosted the One Conference, the Conference on Cyber Norms, the CyberHub Summit, the Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference, the (ISC)² pan-EMEA Secure Summit and more. All these events drew on The Hague’s extensive networks and knowledge infrastructure. During the European Cyber Security Month, The Hague played host to numerous cyber security events.

Furthermore, the city teams up with local cyber security companies every year to hold international hackathons. One of them, ‘Hack The Hague’, attracts talented national and international ethical hackers who try to find vulnerabilities in the digital infrastructure of the city of The Hague. Check out the aftermovie below.

Recent stories and news on Cyber Security in The Hague

Discover The Hague, a leading hub for global safety and innovation. Our city hosts a diverse community of public and private organizations, safeguarding critical sectors like government, SMEs, and infrastructure. At the forefront of digital security, The Hague pioneers advanced methods and technology while championing privacy and freedom standards. Join us in this vital mission, offering opportunities for talented individuals and innovative entrepreneurs worldwide. Discover recent stories and news on Cyber Security in The Hague.

Cyber security organisations in The Hague

Just some of the national and international cyber security organisations in The Hague:

  • European Cybercrime Centre Europol 
  • NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • National Cyber Security Centre
  • The Hague Security Delta
  • Bellingcat

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As IT & Tech is one of The Hague’s important key sectors, the city welcomes events in this field to be organised here and in some cases will even provide subsidies. Please contact our International Sales Manager Joris Boässon Borger for more information and support in organising your event at j.boasson@thehague.com. We would be pleased to help with finding the right venues, the right speakers and so on.