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Partnerplan 2022

Partnerplan 2022

Tourism, conventions, new business. All are an important job engine for The Hague. The impact of COVID-19 in 2021 however was huge. We need to set programs to recover as quickly as possible. With new initiatives in the congress sector, new campaigns etc The Hague must be seen as an attractive destination for leisure and business visitors.

We cannot do that without you. Together we have to ensure that The Hague remains top-of-mind with the visitors, that your organisation is visible and findable and that the quality tourist has The Hague on its wish list? Now and in the future.

Our task is to ensure that enough visitors come to the city again, that the hotel beds are filled and that (international) conferences slowly find their way back to the city of Peace and Justice and the City by the Sea. That can only be done together.

Will you join? Check out our packages below.


Online package

It all starts with online; you can choose between basic or premium. Gain insight into the tourism opportunities, develop employees and move your offer on the map. In addition, there are various alternatives to both the local  Hagenaar as the (inter) national visitor to seduce. Make the collaboration complete with additional options. Together we work on the ultimate experience of our City by the Sea: The Hague!

The online package offers you: 

  • Your own page on the touristic website Denhaag.com;
  • Mention on the website of The Hague & Partners;
  • Possibilty to add publicly accessible events to the UIT agenda;
  • Visibility on our social media channels (Premium);
  • Invitation for two general (online) partner meetings(Premium).

Click here for more information regarding the online package.

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Partnerplan 2022

Travel Trade package

Within Travel Trade we focus on the German, Flemish and English visitors. In the slipstream we take France, Italy and Spain. We have recently added the Dutch market in our activities. We often do this with a tailor-made approach. Via FAM trips and site inspections, journalists and tour operators are "immersed" in The Hague.

The Travel Trade package offers your organization, among other things:

  • Visibility on the travel trade page of denhaag.com;
  • At least four (online) partner meetings, of which two TH&P events;
  • Advice on the Travel Trade target group;
  • Representation through us on the (online) international fairs;

Click here for more information regarding this package.

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Partnerplan 2022

Business package

Over the past 20 years, we have helped hundreds of international companies establish and expand their operations in The Hague. Our team maintains daily relationships with over 100 key strategic accounts and companies. The business package gives you local and global access to our high quality corporate network. 

Key benefits of the business package include:

  • Access to the business network of The Hague & Partners;
  • Direct recommendations of partners and their services tailored to the needs of the client;
  • Access to events, such as The Hague Connect network events, Investor Relation events and events organised by The Hague & Partners;
  • Participation as a subject expert in the webinars and livestreams of The Hague & Partners;
  • Opportunity to participate in foreign business trips and trade missions. 

Click here for more information.

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Partnerplan 2022

MICE package

With all the knowledge and culture that the city has to offer is, The Hague has a strong infrastructure involving all facets for organizing of a successful event. Our team is fully committed to, including through active (inter) national media editing by means of off and online communication, to guarantee the international visibility of The Hague as a conference and event city

With the MICE package you receive or you can participate in, among other things:

  • At least two general partner meetings and two knowledge sessions of The Hague & Partners;
  • A company presentation on conventionbureau.thehague.com;
  • Sales and marketing activities (including FAM trips);
  • Access to the partner module of the CRM system.

Click here to read more about the MICE Package.

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regio pakket

Region package

To connect the region of The Hague and the city itself, we offer the possibility to show your city ​​and main attractions on denhaag.com.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Page on denhaag.com with five icons (a.o. attractions, venues and events); Four items per year in the newsletter;
  • At least one message on our social media channels;
  • Invitation to the annual The Hague & Partners relationship event.

Click here to see all the advantages.

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Our other services

Even more is possible at The Hague & Partners.

  • We can carry out a GDPR-proof investigation for you with our team. Together we determine  what you want to know, where your needs lie and what we need from you.
  • You can join one of our theme campaigns.
  • You can advertise in one of our many publications
  • Or, if the need arises, you can talk to one of our campaign marketers for marketing advice or to develop your complete campaign. Our knowledge of The Hague is pretty OK!

Click here for more information.

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Would you like to meet us for a (online) coffee to talk more about all the collaborate options? Please let us know! We would be more than happy to get to know you and explain a little bit more.