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The Hague The City The Partners.

The Hague & Partners inspires international visitors, businesses and conferences to come to The Hague.

The Hague & Partners

Our business units

On behalf of the municitpality, we are responsible for the marketing and acquisition of The Hague. We also ensure that residents, both locally and regionally, are informed about what is happening in The Hague.

What we do
Partnerplan 2023

O O The Hague

Almost a year ago, we were scratching out of the corona days together. And the city got cosy again. In fact, we recovered the best of all European cities. As a city, we did this together, with you our partners. We are proud of that! In the coming year we will continue to work on this to achieve healthy growth together. Of course, it remains exciting what effect of the war and the energy crisis will have, but we remain ambitious.

We look ahead with a positive outlook and want to make the city vibrant again. We sincerely hope we can do that together again this year. Only together can we shape The Hague and keep it attractive to visitors. 

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We are The Hague & Partners

We are The Hague & Partners. We work in accordance with our core values: to inspire and unburden, to connect and to be commited. Curious about what we do? Watch our corporate video.

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