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About The Hague

Located in the West of The Netherlands, The Hague is the administrative capital of the country, home to the Dutch royal family, the government and the base for numerous international organisations.

Culture & business

The Hague is widely known as the International City of Peace and Justice. It is also the second largest UN city and is home to the Dutch Royal Family, the Parliament and to numerous international companies. The Dutch government has a pro-business attitude and the local authorities are equally committed to sustaining and promote a strong private sector. The transparency, fairness and effectiveness of the country is acknowledged worldwide.

The Hague is an attractive location to its residents, business visitors and tourists and is known for its high quality of life, high security and safety standards, travel connectivity and housing. The Hague offers a unique and refreshing diversity which contrasts modern architecture and renowned historic sites, a dynamic business environment and a vibrant beach life, passionate innovation and intriguing cultural heritage. The Hague has something for everyone, whether they live, work or are here on a visit.

If you are a visitor to our city, a participant at a conference or an executive thinking of bringing your company or organization here,  you will find that The Hague has everything you need to have a successful and fulfilling experience.


Location & access

The Hague can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. The city is very close to two airports - the International airport Amsterdam Schiphol and the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. The railway system in the Netherlands links to Europe’s rail networks with direct train connections from The Hague to Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. Both international and Dutch trains usually provide complimentary WiFi service to make the trip more productive. Once in The Hague, the efficient and sustainable public transport system and the compact size of The Hague make it effortless for visitors to get around in the city.

The city that matters

The Hague is the city that actively works to make a positive impact on the world. It all starts close to home, with the well-established mentality of being a sustainable, comfortable, friendly and fun place for all those who live, work and visit here.

However it doesn’t stop here. The Hague is where global leaders come together to make progress towards a better and safer world. It is the city where important discussions take place, decisions are made and alliances are forged. It is also a city where the value of human talent and potential is recognised and nourished and where national and international businesses have access to everything they need to thrive and succeed.

'By consistently implementing an aligned international positioning of The Hague as a destination for leisure, travel and business, our city will be able to achieve significant economic growth.'

Karsten Klein - Deputy Mayor of The Hague at the launch of TH&P


Leisure & culture

In the The Hague you can have it all: inspiration, fun, knowledge and new experiences. The city is rich in culture and art: it has a vibrant scene of international performing arts, numerous theatres and music festivals. It is home to many museums where the visitors can enjoy collections of Dutch masterpieces, including the iconic Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer and Victory Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian. For those with energy and a taste for adventure, there is the Scheveningen beach with its numerous attractions and the dynamic nightlife.

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Event infrastructure

At The Hague & Partners we are convinced that The Hague is an ideal location for hosting business events. The city is known for its hospitality, international character and for its long history of hosting high-profile events where highest standards of event security, safety and efficiency are guaranteed.

Read more about why The Hague can be your perfect business event destination and about the work of our Convention Bureau.


Business environment

The Hague belongs to one of the most attractive European cities for business. The city is home to over 450 international companies and more than 370 organisations such as NGOs, embassies and consulates. More than 50,000 expats live and work here, contributing the diversity of human capital and the dynamic culture of the city. With its competitive economic environment compared to other EU countries, the Netherlands focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment.

Read more about business opportunities in The Hague and the work of our Business Agency.

More information about The Hague


With Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Zuiderstrand, The Hague has 11 kilometers of beach for a nice day at the beach, a holiday in the sun or an evening out.

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