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atrium city hall
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Atrium City Hall

Spui 70 | 2511 BT Den Haag | View on map
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The Atrium is the meeting place in the City Hall in The Hague. A dinner for 600, a reception for 1.500, a lecture in theater setting, a concert on one of the eleven floors or a grand banquet after closing time; the Atrium is open to diverse and challenging ideas.

Venue overview

1500 people
Meeting rooms
Largest meeting room
Venue style
Business, Contemporary
Layout of the room
Banquet, Cocktail, Meeting
Type of event
Conference, Meeting, Presentation, Social event
atrium city hall
dinner atrium

Opening Hours for Events

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - from 16:00 til 4:00 
  • Thursday - from 20:30 til 4:00
  • Saturday and Sunday - from 7:00 til 4:00 

Atrium City Hall

If an architect designs a busy public space of 1.00M2 in immaculate white, the idea has to be that those who use  the space add the colour themselves. The Atrium in The Hague City Hall is a unique location, which the City Council and the architect, Richard Meier, together decided would become an active meeting place. Open, welcoming and dynamic.

This idea is still being honoured. The first time you encounter all the many people who use the building every day,  visit an exhibition or event, you will clearly see that the Atrium is a place that effortlessly undergoes many colourful  transformations and is very important in enhancing the city’s vitality. The Hague City Hall is a busy place, brimming with activity every day. The events in the Atrium add extra colour and movement. From International Yoga Day to the Night of the Science and a celebration of love by dancing at the Valentine’s Jam. The Atrium The Hague is open to a great diversity of uses.

The proportions, height, history, colour and function of the building designed by Richard Meier are always visible during the many activities which bring colour to the Atrium. Everything  focuses on the public during events in the  Atrium. Adults can enjoy music, dance and drama. Children can play, sing and get involved in handicrafts during special youth festivals and activities, such as The Enchantment, an international art festival for young people. It is the large and small organisations from the city and far beyond that, together with the Stichting Atrium City Hall, bring even more dynamism to the heart of The Hague.

High, light, spacious and open; the Atrium is unique and one of the most imposing public spaces in The Hague. For many years organisations have been choosing this special place for their receptions, awards ceremonies, conferences, symposiums and dinners.  The central location, the strong link with The Hague as a city of peace and justice, and the space and facilities make the Atrium a unique venue for these activities.People can use the Atrium too for their celebrations. Every year, all the ambassadors of the Netherlands meet in The Hague. For several years now this event has started  with  a stylish reception in the  Atrium; a reunion of colleagues around the world who can look back on the past year with pleasure. And new graduates from Campus The Hague, part of Leiden University, enjoyed an exuberant after-party in the Atrium following the first degree awards ceremony for this faculty. The Atrium The Hague is there for everyone.

Meeting rooms

They have a total of 31 meeting rooms:

  • 1x Haagse Lobby (100 pax)
  • 1x Trouwzaal (80 pax)
  • 1x Foyer Raadzaal (75 pax)
  • 24x Vergaderzalen (tot 50 pax)
  • 1x Politiek Terras (tot 125 pax)
  • 1x Raadzaal (146 pax)
  • 1x Urban Window (tot 50 pax)
  • 1x City View (tot 100 pax)
  • 2x Entresols (105 pax & 100 pax)
night view

What you need to know about Atrium City Hall

  • Number of visitors: The Atrium receives over 8.000 visitors a week.
  • Capacity: Up to 1.500 persons. 4.500 m2 floor area, of which 1.000 m2 is available for exhibitions, 50 metres high.
  • Location: In the heart of The Hague, easily accessible by public transport.
  • Parking: Under the City Hall, with direct lifts to the Atrium.

Request for Proposal

The central location, the strong link with The Hague as a city of peace and justice, and the space and facilities make the Atrium a unique venue for these activities. Book it now for your next event!

RFP for this venue +31 70 3618888
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