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The Hague & Partners is the umbrella organisation that facilitates the joint efforts of The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau and The Hague Business Agency.

The Hague & Partners

The Partners

The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau and The Hague Business Agency are the official marketing organisations of The Hague as leisure, conference and business destination. Together these three organisations join forces to increase the awareness of The Hague among their national and international target audiences.

What we do
Partnerplan 2023

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Tourism, conventions, new business. All are an important job engine for The Hague. The impact of COVID-19 in 2021 however was huge. We need to set programs to recover as quickly as possible. With new initiatives in the congress sector, new campaigns etc The Hague must be seen as an attractive destination for leisure and business visitors.

Our task is to ensure that enough visitors come to the city again, that the hotel beds are filled and that (international) conferences slowly find their way back to the city of Peace and Justice and the City by the Sea. That can only be done together.

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We are the partners

We are The Hague & Partners. Located in the West of The Netherlands, the city is the administrative capital of the country, home to the Dutch royal family and the base for numerous international organizations. Watch this animation to get a good idea about what our goal is and how we are going to achieve it. 

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