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What are you looking for?

The Hague Business Agency

Would you like your business or organisation to grow in Europe? The Hague Business Agency assists and advises you on locating, relocating and expanding your operations to The Hague. Your one stop business solution.

About THBA

The Hague Business Agency is the official organisation to promote The Hague as a business location. We provide free services to international companies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that wish to establish, relocate or expand businesses to ‘Randstad’. This is the central-west part of the Netherlands consisting of its four largest cities – Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam and Utrecht.

The Hague Business Agency focuses on facilitating businesses who are interested to establish their offices in the city.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to contribute to economic growth, knowledge sharing and job creation. That is why it is our mission to attract international companies and organisations to The Hague region.


What We Do

We offer free services to support multinational companies and NGOs with establishing, relocating or expanding business operations to ‘Randstad’. Our services include fact finding trips for companies to explore the region. Our experienced business advisors support businesses with market exploration and expansion. Additionally, we assist with all the necessary paperwork to expand businesses to The Hague and we connect companies to relevant networks and offer an Investor Relations programme to ensure your business is successful in the region. It is in our best interest to support you and your employees with settling in the Netherlands.

Working and Living in The Hague

The Hague offers excellent housing, education and health care conditions to internationals. The international character of The Hague makes it easier for foreigners to settle in the city. There are more than 50,000 expats living in The Hague which constitutes to a large and diverse international community.

The Hague International Centre in The Hague area supports families and employees with paperwork when relocating to the area. The network and professional estate agents of the The Hague Business Agency support foreigners with finding most appropriate housing options and other necessities when moving abroad. Furthermore, many Dutch educational facilities are international which gives more opportunities to foreign pupils and students. The Netherlands is also known for its world-class health care and almost all doctors speak English which is reassuring to internationals.

The Hague is a city of contrast. The beautiful coastline and seaside resorts are only a 15-minute car drive away from the vibrant and diverse city centre. Furthermore, the city’s museums with collections of famous Dutch artists like Mondrian or Vermeer and the many social activities organised in the city offer many opportunities to experience the unique art and culture of The Hague. All of these aspects make The Hague a great place to work and to live.

The Partnerships

We support the Department of Urban Development, the Department of International Affairs of the Municipality of The Hague and The Hague Convention Bureau to attract foreign companies, organisations and international business events to the Netherlands. Since 2015, The Hague Business Agency has been part of ‘Invest in Holland’, the central government’s acquisition platform of the of The Netherlands. Our partners are also The Hague Marketing, World Trade Centre The Hague, Innovation Quarter, Rotterdam Partners and Steenworp Public Relocation Service.