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Extended Economic Measures explained in info packages

covid measure update

As of July 2021

After over a year of battling the pandemic, The Netherlands has begun to reopen with a strategic plan on how to best reintegrate social activities. The following steps, planned over the course of 3 months have been placed in action. 

For more in-depth explanation of these steps, please visit Reopening society step by step.

We are excited to welcoming back our business partners, clients, and extended community back to The Hague very soon!


Economic measures info package #4- January 2021

Economic measures info package #3- September 2020

Economic measures info package #2- June 2020

Economic measures info package #1 - March 2020

Expert Online Advice

THBA has launched a series of free webinars with experienced specialists from several largest consulting firms and our partner organisations on topics of crisis management: cash flow / cost-reduction, labour law, people management, tax and government crisis regulations and more.

  1. Emergency Bridging Measures for Sustained Employment was the 1st interactive webinar in the series of webinars. Successful strategies for the COVID-19 crisis, hosted by The Hague Business Agency in collaboration with La Gro Geelkerken lawyers and The Hague International Centre   Webinar recording
  2. Emergency Birding Measures: New economic measures and associated legal risks and opportunities, hosted by THBA in collaboration with BUREN. Webinar video recording.
  3. Talent attraction, retention and collaborative effort during COVID-19 crisis, hosted by THBA in collaboration with Octagon and International Community Platform (ICP). Webinar video recording.
  4. How can low carbon technology developers get access to funding in the Netherlands?  Webinar recording.
  5. Financial developments in the Netherlands. Webinar recording.
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