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We truly care about what people say about us and our services. Here we share some testimonials from our long term partners, prospects and our clients.

Billy Allwood, Founder of The Hague Online

A well-known figure in The Hague and its region. He is the founder of The Hague Online community portal and an annual Feel at Home International Community Fair. We have been actively supporting both initiatives as we truly believe that they help all internationals relocating to The Hague make this city their new home.

Deborah Valentine, Director of ACCESS

One of the most connected persons in The Hague community is Deborah, who runs a large volunteer organisation ACCESS. Our collaboration with ACCESS is one of the most valuable in the social network.

Avinash Koelkarni, Chief Sales Officer at Kaizen Secure Voiz

Avinash Kulkarni is the CSO of the Indian company Kaizen Secure Voiz, who made the decision to expand to The Hague. His decision was based on the Soft Landing Program offered by THBA and his belief in The Hague being a great gateway to Europe. We value the great collaboration with Avinash!

Jaikishen Jayesingha, Founder of Urbandine

Jakishen Jayesingha is the Founder of Urbandine in Sri Lanka. Examples of why he decided to expand to The Hague included the Soft Landing Programme and the multicultural and sustainable environment in The Hague. Another valued collaboration!

Lethabo Motsoaledi, Co-founder & CTO of Voyc.ai

Lethabo Motsoaledi is the Co-founder & CTO of Voyc.ai. Voyc helps companies analyze their contact centre conversations to detect any customer experience or compliance anomalies. Motsoaledi explained that the participation at Fast-Forward The Hague resulted in many benefits for them. 

Bobby Bahov, AILab.One at Mobile World Congress 2019

Bozhidar "Bobby" Bahov from AILab.One, working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is participating at the MWC Barcelona with his partner Ahmed Rbaibi at the nlmwc19 delegation and telling why their company is based in The Hague.

Ammi Virk, Head of Intelligence at Hexegic

Ammi Virk is the head of Intelligence at Hexegic. He explains that the reasons for expanding to The Hague are because of the infrastructure in The Hague and the offered Soft Landing Programme. We are happy to have Hexegic here in our city!