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What are you looking for?

Global Market Entry Program


Global Market Entry Program gives entrepreneurs from The Hague and region a flying start on the international market

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur from the Hague region and do you dream of international success? The Global Market Entry Program prepares you for successful market entry abroad.

  • Does your SME or scale-up have a proven business case?
  • Are you successful on the Dutch market?
  • Do you also want to be successful in Germany, Denmark/Sweden or France?

For whom?

The Global Market Entry Program is intended for SMEs and scale-ups in the Hague region. You have a proven business case and are ready for the next step: expanding abroad. The program takes nine months and requires a serious investment of time.

  • You will follow workshops with other entrepreneurs from The Hague and surroundings.
  • You will receive personal guidance from experts from InnovationQuarter and The Hague & Partners.

Our knowledge partner country experts are also ready to provide you with tailored guidance:

  • German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • MarketLink
  • Netherlands Business Council France

Become part of the community

Many entrepreneurs preceded you in this program of InnovationQuarter and The Hague & Partners. Together they form a community of companies that literally push boundaries together. As a member of the community you will gain valuable contacts with entrepreneurs who are already active abroad and are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Global Market Entry Program in a nutshell

With the Global Market Entry Program you will work towards a strategic market entry in nine months and have access to a large local and international network.

  • The program starts with an intake interview. Together with a country expert from the country you want to go to, you determine your goals for market entry.
  • The country expert guides you for nine months with customized coaching and support.
  • During this period you research the target market thoroughly and make your first contacts with potential customers or business partners.
  • The team of InnovationQuarter, The Hague & Partners and all our knowledge partners are ready for you during every step of the process with personal advice.

In addition, you will attend workshops on important issues such as cultural differences, marketing & sales and the legal aspects of your target market. With this knowledge in your backpack, you will soon be able to succeed independently abroad. And although this is not an official program component, we explore with the participants the possibilities of a joint trade mission.


“The GMEP program has prepared me well for my first interviews in Germany, so I know exactly what is going on in the German market. Our market entry strategy is completely different from our approach in the Netherlands. Because of GMEP we saved a lot of time, I could never have figured this out in such a short period and on my own.” ~ Dinesh Persad, Interactive Robotics

What do we expect from you?

Participation in the Global Entry Market Program is not without obligation. Together with our partners and experts, we invest a lot of time and knowledge in your company. We are happy to do this because we want you to be successful abroad.

  • Reserve two to three half-days per month in your calendar for the various program components and individual coaching.
  • We count on your presence at the common parts.
  • To inspire other entrepreneurs, we ask you to share your experiences in interviews or short presentations.

To participate, we ask for an own contribution of € 1000 for the program (alumni € 1500). For this you get:

  • 40 hours of individual coaching by country expert (think: market research,strategy sessions, target group analysis)
  • Introductions to the target market
  • Workshops (Marketing & PR, culture, legal aspects)
  • Access to the GMEP & Friends network (60+ alumni and partners) and participation in events
  • Opportunity to work with students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Possible participation in trade mission to the target country

“The International Market Entry Coaching program is a foolproof way for us to prepare for the move to the German market. It is very interesting to meet other entrepreneurs with the same kind of mission and to discover together where our opportunities lie.” ~ Boudewijn Roest, Marike

Elisa van Maanen-Gentzsch

More info and registration for the programme

Are you interested in participating in the Global Market Entry Program programme? Then leave your details. Elisa will then contact you to go through all the ins and outs of the programme, and she’ll finalize your registration. Our next program will start in February/March 2024

Elisa van Maanen-Gentzsch, Project Manager Internationalization & Trade
Call: 06-12367036
Send an email: e.vanmaanen@thehague.com