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Impact Economy

In recent years, The Hague, widely recognised as the International City of Peace and Justice, has developed a strong reputation as ImpactCity. Here, over 30,000 individuals come together every day to create a better, safer, and more just world.

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Impact City The Hague

The Hague has one of the best-connected and fastest-growing impact ecosystems in Europe. Startups, scale-ups, international organisations, NGOs and social enterprises have exceptional networking opportunities with impact investors, government, academic institutions and corporates. Driven by the motto 'doing good and doing business’, the city has an active policy driving innovation across all sectors. Leading by example is proof of ImpactCity’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

ImpactFest, which is being host annually and attracts more than 1600 impact makers every year, has a solid reputation as one of the premier international events in the world of impact. ImpactFest brings together impact investors, policymakers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, corporates and impact innovators - who find collaborators to address the global challenges.

The Hague & Partners is proud to support ImpactCity.  We help innovative impact makers to grow their businesses and underwrite ImpactCity’s belief that economic success can go hand in hand with solutions for a better world. Connecting innovators with the right partners is what we do best.

TOP 5 innovation hubs in The Hague

  1. Binckhaven is the beating heart of ImpactCity, home to over 200 creative and innovative businesses, bringing together “doing good and doing business”.
  2. Apollo 14 is the central hub for impact entrepreneurs, NGOs and government-related organisations. Global challenges in numerous fields, e.g. security, energy, health, food or water, are being addressed through the work that is done here, with the Sustainable Development Goals leading the way.
  3. The Hague Humanity Hub is a community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian action, bringing together NGOs, academia, commercial enterprises and governmental bodies.
  4. The Hague Tech is a thriving and diverse community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and scale-ups striving for technological innovations, focusing mainly on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and smart building technology. Impact accelerator and thriving global entrepreneurship platform World Startup is one of the residents of The Hague Tech.
  5. YES!Delft The Hague – community from TU Delft with an ambition to make the new location a vibrant and innovative environment for tech startups with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

ImpactCity The Hague has recently commissioned the mapping of the impact ecosystem in the Netherlands. The diagram below shows an ever-evolving overview. Missing something? Please reach out through info@impactcity.nl

Impact city
Innovation hubs
NGOs in the city
Diana Eggleston

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Speak directly with our Business Advisor Impact Economy & NGOs, Diana Eggleston d.eggleston@thehague.com