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The Hague & Partners presents annual plan 2022

7 March 2022

Today we present our Annual Plan 2022 for The Hague & Partners. A year in which hopefully the corona restrictions are a thing of the past and we can return to a new normal. Fortunately, much more is now possible in our city. Our museums are fully open again and present beautiful exhibitions, in the theatres all the seats can be filled and even the beach bars are open again.

Because it is still difficult to foresee how the developments regarding Corona will go in 2022, we are pleased with the approval of the municipality of The Hague to work again with an annual plan that is written more in outline and quarterly plans that focus more on tactical elaboration. 

Our work enables us to spend money in the city: visitors, conference-goers, companies, NGOs and employees who settle here. This expenditure goes to entrepreneurs in The Hague, who in turn create jobs for residents of The Hague. Having a job offers security, provides an income, offers safety and thus contributes in a broad sense to the well-being of residents of The Hague. Investing in our work therefore not only stimulates the economy, but the entire broad welfare. 

In 2022, we would like to keep the results for the city at an ambitious level: the market is calling for additional efforts for recovery. You can read how our work will contribute to this in our Annual Plan. 

Take a look at the Annual Plan 2022 of The Hague & Partners (unfortunately, the 2022 annual plan is currently only available in Dutch.)