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Duurzaam Den Haag

Sustainable The Hague in 2030

30 May 2022

The Hague & Partners endorses national and international objectives with regard to sustainability (people, planet, prosperity) and efforts to combat climate change. Our organisation wants to contribute to those objectives based on our own goal of enhancing not only the prosperity but the well being of all residents of The Hague. First and foremost, we will do so by choosing sustainable development when promoting the visitor economy,national and international industry and conferences, while also safeguarding the limits of ecological and social capacity. Secondly, we will do this by encouraging our partners to choose sustainable alternatives in order to increase the sustainability of their own operations, so that they too may make a positive contribution to people and society.

The Hague in 2030 will not only be a city that is working hard to create innovations for a safe, better and just world, it will be a city where you can tangibly experience this. The Hague will be safe, clean and open to all. Visitors will feel at home, and they will view The Hague’s efforts in this area as extra reason to visit the Greenest City in Europe. As the International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague is deeply involved with the world, both in its own backyard and across the globe. For The Hague, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not an abstract goal but rather a concrete action plan. Sustainability is part of our DNA. For example, The Hague is leading the way in organising conferences about the Impact Economy and, with regard to New Energy, an ecosystem of businesses has arisen in the city. The participants in this ecosystem focus on clean fuels such as hydrogen, geothermal energy and offshore wind. These efforts create many jobs, both for graduates of higher education and those with practical training, making the diverse city of The Hague socially inclusive as well.

How is your organization working on the future of The Hague? Or do you think bigger and are you concerned with the future of the region, the Netherlands, Europe or even the world?! Let us know! We like to put cool ideas in the spotlight

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Read more about the SDG's on https://www.sdgsdenhaag.nl/en