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Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie

Special voting locations in The Hague during the European elections on 6 June

30 May 2024

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre will serve as a voting location on 6 June, between 07:30 and 21:00. (Photo: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf / Porum)

The Hague - The European elections are on Thursday 6 June. Besides the question ‘who am I going to vote for’, you are also faced with the choice: where am I going to vote? In The Hague, you can cast your vote in all kinds of unique places. Here is the list of the most unusual voting locations in The Hague; the heart of Dutch democracy.

Alternative tour of Binnenhof
The Binnenhof has been the political centrepiece of The Hague for 800 years. Although the complex itself cannot be visited now due to renovation, you can take an alternative tour of Binnenhof at the nearby Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre (Place 22). After you have cast your vote, take some time to learn more about this major and unique renovation, admire the archaeological finds or learn about the history of the 13th-century complex.

As the House of Representatives building is also being renovated, our national parliament has temporarily relocated. They can now be found a stone's throw from The Hague Central Station. Here, in the Temporary Accommodation Second Chamber (Bezuidenhoutseweg 67), you can also cast your vote on 6 June.

The culture voice
There are several locations where culture and politics will go hand-in-hand on 6 June. Pulchri Studio (Lange Voorhout 15), located on the ‘most beautiful avenue in Europe’, will host voters in their versatile art gallery that day. Here you can admire works of art, especially painting, by Pulchri's members (and sometimes non-members).

Theatre de Regentes (Weimarstraat 63), the cultural hotspot of Regentessekwartier, will also be set up as a voting location on 6 June. Combine your voting with a visit to a performance or simply admire the imposing 1920s art-deco building, which was Europe's largest indoor swimming pool when it was founded.

Close to the Hague coast, you can soak up culture at the intimate museum Muzee Scheveningen (Neptunusstraat 92) where you can learn all about Scheveningen life then and now. Visit the period rooms and see the temporary exhibition Ode aan Nederland or discover what lives in the North Sea prior to (or after) the red-colouring of your chosen box on the voting list.

Snack, drink, vote
For those who get an appetite while exercising their democratic right, you can sit right down at De Boterwaag (Grote Markt 8a). The city café on the Grote Markt not only has a cosy city terrace, but also inside the 17th-century building - the city's former butterwaag - you can enjoy an evening with a bite to eat and a drink.

If you prefer sea views, cast your vote at Scheveningen. Scheveningen Pier, for instance, will be a voting location on 6 June, and one where you can see the Hague coast at its best. If you want an even better perspective, after ticking the red box, book a ride on the iconic Skyview Ferris wheel.

In a musical mood
If you expect to be in a musical mood during the European elections, you can of course combine voting with a night out in music city The Hague. Thus, pop temple Paard (Prinsegracht 12) is rigged as a voting venue. Paard has a packed agenda with live music in all genres of pop, rock, hip-hop, dance and more.

For even more music, theatre and culture, Amare (Spuiplein 150) is the place to be. This cultural house of the city offers a rich programme of performances by both established names and new talent. Think dance evenings, classical lunch concerts, theatre performances, soul and jazz, as well as cultural market days on the covered ‘Kunstenplein’. And so Amare will soon also be a voting venue.

Housed in an old fire station on the ‘industrial fray’ of the city centre, you will find PIP Den Haag (Binckhorstlaan 36). This event location in the Binckhorst offers a stage for club nights and ‘underground’ music, art and culture. On 6 June, you can visit this quirky venue while casting your vote for the European elections.