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Partnerevent 2022; City of the Future

5 July 2022

What do sustainability, cybersecurity, social entrepreneurship, digital fitness and partnership have in common? They all play a role in shaping our future in The Hague. These topics were therefore discussed in various ways on Thursday 16 June, when we looked at the future of The Hague together with our partners and relations during our annual partner event. We also looked very far into the future and we got an answer to the question; can the stars actually tell us anything about this?

With over a 100 partners we tackled various themes as a group but also in small teams at the new One Planet (former Museon-Omniversum) Were you there and do you want to relive the event again? Check out the after movie below.

This year we have chosen to inspire with different themes and different working methods. Upon arrival, the guests could choose the themes themselves or be surprised. This way, everyone chose a personal route. Were you there and are you curious about which other sessions there were or were you unable to attend and do you want to delve into all topics? Read in a concise white paper how it went on June 16.