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Internationaal ondernemen

International market entry support for SMEs in The Hague

17 May 2021

The Hague Business Agency en InnovationQuarter bieden mkb’ers uit de Haagse regio een traject om een vliegende start te maken op de Duitse of Britse markt.

Is your business based in The Hague region and ready to take a leap across borders? Are you dreaming of lucrative success with our German neighbours or tapping into the market potential of the United Kingdom? We offer ambitious SME entrepreneurs a unique programme to help them flourish: International Market Entry Coaching and (IMEC). Intensive, personal guidance with workshops and relevant contacts to make that successful international step. The IMEC programme is part of the SME deal, comprising regional support for SMEs in the Hague region. The initiative is run by InnovationQuarter and The Hague Business Agency on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague. 

All SMEs in The Hague region with serious cross-border ambitions can apply for the International Market Entry Coaching programme. Do not be deterred just because you think certain sectors have a better chance of success. The programme is open to all products and services. You can apply online for the programme until 31 May.

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