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Escher treats on his 125th birthday and reveals the graphic artist's hidden places and special stories in The Hague

19 June 2023

Presenter Tamara Bok (left) discovers hidden details in Escher's work in the podcast The Hague, the Home Town of M.C. Escher (Photo: The Hague & Partners)

The Hague - How did M.C Escher react when British rock band The Rolling Stones asked him to create an album cover? Where will Escher's collection be on display in a few years' time? What was he doing with an egg spoon, and was there anything to laugh about with Escher? These questions and more are answered in this special episode within the podcast series Den Haag Onthult, which can be listened to from Saturday 17 June via denhaag.com/podcast and Spotify.

This year, The Hague is the city of Escher. Saturday 17 June marks the 125th birthday of the Netherlands' most famous graphic artist. And who has a birthday, has a treat. At the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Escher in Het Paleis and at Den Haag Centraal station, visitors, travellers and passers-by can pick up a treat with a reference to the podcast The Hague, Escher's Home Town.

Escher has close ties with the city of the Hague. For instance, his parents lived in The Hague, he created several artworks here and the first major retrospective exhibition took place at the Kunstmuseum, then the Gemeentemuseum. But what kind of man was Escher really like, what was he trying to achieve with his art, and where can you discover his work? Find out in the second episode of the podcast series The Hague Reveals. Presenter Tamara Bok sets out in The Hague to find out more about the artist who created impossible worlds in which water flows upwards, stairs go on forever and fish turn into birds. 

The second episode of the series The Hague Reveals can now be listened to on denhaag.com/podcast and on Spotify, just like the first episode, The Hague, City by the Sea. The final episode, The Hague, City of Peace and Justice will be released in the autumn. Besides the launch of the new podcast, The Hague is celebrating Escher's birthday with various activities in June. For more information and the calendar, visit denhaag.com/escher.