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sustainable The Hague

Why The Hague for my sustainable event?

Green The Hague

The Hague has committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2030, which is 10 years ahead of the country’s national goal. One of the major steps in working towards global climate neutrality and addressing own climate footprint is a transition to renewable forms of energy - wind, solar and geothermal energy.

A drive outside the city will reveal a landscape dotted with wind turbines and the bright blinking lights of an offshore wind farm can clearly be seen at night from the beach in Scheveningen. The view from the top of any high-rise building will look over numerous solar panels on roofs – in fact, The Hague has more solar panels than any other city in the country.

Being part of organisations such as The Hague Institute for Global Justice, the World Resources Institute, Climate Alliance, Eurocities, Covenant of Mayors, and the Compact of Mayors, the city part of a strong alliance which will help it achieve its ambitious goal.

cyclists The Hague

Geothermal Energy

A relatively new form of heating and cooling and energy generation is geothermal, which the Netherlands has made a cornerstone of its energy transition to being energy neutral by 2030, in line with the goals of the European Union. Reflecting this goal, the Netherlands hosted the European Geothermal Congress at the World Forum The Hague in 2019. Moreover, in 2020, The International Geothermal Assocation decided to move offices to The Hague

“This news represents significant additional value to The Hague’s Energy cluster, which will drive new business and events to the city,” comments Bas Schot, Head of The Hague Convention Bureau about the decision of the IGA. “As a city famous for our association offering, we have the perfect infrastructure and expertise to host the IGA Headquarters and I look forward to welcoming them to The Hague.

Thousands of homes in the city are already receiving district heating from geothermal heating/cooling and residual heat and The Hague is working on four more geothermal heating/cooling plants and 15 geothermal wells which will become operational in the city by the early 2020s. They will be used to power and heat more than 100,000 homes and offices and will be a much cleaner option than the gas currently used.


Geothermal reception Hilton The Hague

Blue Flag Award

Blue Flag is an international eco-label for clean beaches and marinas that have to meet strict environmental, educational, safety and access-related criteria. The Hague’s beaches, harbour and marina have been awarded the Blue Flag and the city is strongly committed to meet and maintain the criteria. 

Beyond Saving Energy

We believe that saving energy is an important way to help the climate but we also think that generating renewable energy is another important step to achieve the goal of our city. One of the knowledge clusters in The Hague is Energy & Renewables within which numerous companies work to make renewable energy accessible and efficient. It comes as no surprise that The Hague is the city that has more solar panel installations than any other city in the Netherlands!

Green The Hague
David Frielink

Your Sustainable event in The Hague?

The Hague is the perfect location to host your next sustainable event. Get in touch to learn more about the many options in the City by the Sea, The Hague!