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The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar

How to best leverage strategic business partnerships

The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar

The international experts examined the importance of strategic partnerships in business.  

Partnerships are built on trust, respect amongst partners with similar values and shared goals. Strategic partnerships are important because of the access to knowledge, competitive advantage increases the customer base and more.

  • Forming¬†the¬†partnership: we¬†discussed what¬†are¬†successful¬†partnerships,¬†how¬†do¬†you¬†measure them,¬†how¬†they are formed, and the different types of partnerships.¬†
  • How are¬†the¬†international¬†partnerships¬†evolving¬†and¬†emerging,¬†what¬†are¬†the¬†trends?¬†
  • How¬†to¬†leverage¬†partnerships¬†when¬†planning¬†your¬†2021 budget?¬†
The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar

The panel was made up of: 

  • Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman and Managing General Partner REDDS Capital¬†
  • Paul Guest, Commercial Director,¬†SportsPro¬†
  • Kai Troll, President, ASSOCIATIONWORLD¬†

 Moderated by: 

  • Lesley Mackay, Vice President, Meetings and Major Events, Ottawa Tourism¬†
  • Bas Schot, Head of The Hague Convention Bureau¬†


Photo credits: Holland Park Media

The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar
Balder Lysen

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