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Association event

‘Working Together Towards Global Justice’ – Exploring more with the International Young Lawyers

Creating an opportunity for young international lawyers to develop their knowledge, network and connect, AIJA will gather in the Hague, from 24 to 27 May, for its Half-Year May Conference (one of the flagship projects of the Association). The main event venue will be Amare Convention Centre.

During this 4-day event, young lawyers from all around the world will meet to discuss the Human Rights and the growing importance of ESG in international business (and) law. 

The conference will feature three academic tracks: 

  • Taking advantage of the presence in The Hague, the first track will concentrate on the various Hague conventions; 

  • The second track will be dedicated to Arbitration, Litigation & Human Rights in view of the special place that The Hague holds in this regard; 

  • The third track will be dedicated to the Social and Governance aspect of ESG. 

Except an inspiring academic programme, the Conference attendees will have a chance to discover the surprising and refreshing diversity of The Hague thanks to the social programme activities that have been arranged for this occasion. For the Welcome Reception being the first official networking moment, AIJA will bring the participants to the Nieuwe Kerk. Participants of this event will get the chance to dine at the beach club during Conference Dinner. In addition, they will also experience a fabulous gala dinner in the Kunstmuseum, as well as enjoy the home cooking of local legal practitioners. 

What is more? AIJA will give some more Spotlight on Human Rights by organising such activities as: 

  • AIJA Triathlon for Human Rights – Participants will have the possibility to take up the challenge to raise awareness about Human Rights, cause AIJA does sport for a good cause. As the amazing city of The Hague will give the possibility to swim, cycle and run over various distances, AIJA will adapt its traditional Run for Human Rights to AIJA Triathlon for Human Rights on the occasion of the Half-Year May Conference.  
    There is no obligation to do it all! A choice can be also to participate in one or two parts of this challenge, either run, swim and/or bike | Thursday (25 May) 

  • Round-table discussion on 'The Increasing Importance of Human Rights for Business Lawyers' organised by AIJA’s Human Rights Committee Meeting | Friday (26 May) 

  • Human Rights Committee Plenary Session on 'The International Criminal Law Institutions of The Hague and Their Role in Combatting Current Crimes Against Humanity', which will take place in the Peace Palace | Saturday (27 May) 

To stay up to date with the Conference details make sure to visit event page at https://www.aija.org/event-detail/676 and follow AIJA on LinkedIn

Aija Half-Year May Conference

About AIJA

The International Association of Young Lawyers, AIJA is the only global association devoted to lawyers and in-house counsel aged 45 and under. Since 1962 AIJA provides outstanding international opportunities for young lawyers to network, learn and develop. The activities of AIJA are coordinated by 20 scientific commissions, in charge of organising our events all around the globe and keeping members up to the date in their respective areas of practice. Visit https://www.aija.org/ to explore more.