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Haagse Bos

The Many Parks of The Hague

The Hague is a city of diversity – with over a half a million inhabitants. Made up of Over 100 different nationalities, over 200 international organizations, and 3 large beaches.

But did you know that The Hague is one of the most Green cities of The Netherlands? The city is covered in more than 111,000 acres of natural beauty! Much of this Green Space is made out of various parks, we have more than 8 different parks.

So the next time you have some spare time during your event or convention, you can take a stroll in one of the parks that we’ll highlight for you below.

Haagse Bos (The forest of The Hague)

This beautiful park is literally and figuratively the Green Entrance to The Hague and it’s The Netherlands oldest park dating back all the way to the 16th century! The primeval forest certainly has a rich history as it was the old hunting ground for the Counts of Holland and houses the Palace of Huis ten Bosch (1644) built for Dutch Royal Frederik Henrdrik.

The park covers over 100 hectares and runs from the Malieveld all the way to the municipality of Wassenaar. It is the perfect place to go for a long bike or run, due to its extensive network of walking/bike paths. Or have a calm stroll and picnic along the water’s edge.

Did you know that Holland comes from The Hague Forest – when it was much larger it was called Die Hout (The Woods), which became Houtland (Woodlands), this finally evolved into “Holland”!

This park is intrinsically intertwined with The Hague’s rich history and green character. Who knows what local wildlife you will spot when you’ll explore it’s wonders?

Haagse Bos
Haagse Bos1
Haagse bos 2


This park is one of the most unique parks in The Hague. It was built in the 1920’s and since then when the sun comes out, many local youngsters and families visit the park a tasty picnic or an active game of football.

The park gathered some international fame due to it’s wonderful Rose Garden! It has over 20,000 rose bushes and more than 300 varieties of roses. The best time to visit the garden with over 25,000 roses in bloom is between July and October. Rose Growers visit the park annually for the international Rose trials.

Behind the garden lies a hidden gem, you can find the dreamy tea house: Waterkant Theehuis (Tea house by the waterside). They serve tasty lunches, which you can enjoy on their grassy terrace. Getting to the tea house can be quite a experience as it is accessible by a small pontoon.! If you are a sucker for romance, you are at the right place, as for a couple of euro’s you can rent a small boat to discover the park in. Or if you are more into parties, you can hold a small event in their World War II bunker.


Paleistuin (Royal Gardens)

One of the most centrally located parks is the Palace Garden, located directly behind Noordeinde Palace. It is the perfect place to escape to from the hustle and bustle of the city, to enjoy a quite break hidden behind the wall of green trees. You can take a stroll, gaze at the many sculptures, read a book near the pond, or have a delicious meal on a grassy field.


Clingendael Park

Are you ready to be transported to a fairtytale land? That’s what you will find in the “valley in the dunes”, the meaning of Clingendael. A picturesque park made up of ancient trees and weaving creeks. It is a perfect park to have a picnic by the water and watch the many ducks and swans that are swimming around.

The park holds one of The Netherlands botanical treasures – the Japanese Garden. Initiated by the Baroness van Brienen at the start of the 20th century. It is a immaculately styled garden, inside you will find a small Japanese Shrine. Due to the fragile nature of the imported plants, the park is accessible for a short period each year.



Zuiderpark is a well-known park in The Hague, as it is one of the largest and it is the host of several festivals. Such as Parkpop, The Netherlands largest free festival! You can do all sorts of things in the Zuiderpark, as it houses several play grounds, sports fields, a skate park, and even spots to BBQ.

In the park you can discover a arboretum, arranged by Dutch horticulturist Simon Doorenbos. It has over 700 different trees, which 41 one of them are incredibly rare.


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The Hague definitely has plenty of parks to choose from. The next time that you are exploring one of these parks, tag us in a picture!

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