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The Hague Peace Palace
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Organising an Impactful Congress in The Hague

Are you planning on organising a prestigious summit, showcasing the latest innovations that help make the world a better place? Or are you interested in a multi-day congress for over 2,000 ambitious youngsters? In either case, The Hague is the right place.

Compact City with A Personal Touch

The Hague is a compact city with a personal touch, where people from across the globe come together to work on innovations for a better, safer and more just world. More and more organisations are choosing The Hague as their location of choice for their meetings and congresses – and for good reason! In fact, the number of international congresses held here jumped by 48% in one year (2019).

The International City of Peace and Justice

The Hague is recognised globally as the International City of Peace and Justice and a city that offers thousands of people the chance to work on innovations that help secure a better, safer and more just world. The Hague is the only city outside of New York that is home to one of the six principal UN bodies, namely the International Court of Justice. With so many other UN bodies established here too, The Hague is the second UN city in the world. Everything happens here: from discussing important issues to taking decisions and forming alliances. 

International Criminal Court The Hague
International city of peace and justice The Hague

Why Your Event in The Hague?

  • First-class facilities for big groups

The Hague offers large groups a wide range of first-class congress and meeting facilities. It has meeting facilities of all sizes; over 5,000 hotel rooms for participants; and a reliable infrastructure that includes five train stations, numerous bus and tram connections, and two international airports, both within 30 minutes of the city. It is these attributes that qualify The Hague as a premier destination for international attendees.

  • Many hybrid opportunities

Many World-Class venues in The Hague have been busy with setting up impressive hybrid events studios. As soon as we will be able to meet again, these venues will be ready to welcome you to their hybrid studios. In this way, you can offer delegates a safe, yet inspiring event. Read all about hybrid opportunities in The Hague here.

  • Coastal city

The Hague is not only an excellent choice for meetings and congresses, but it is also the perfect place to spend some well-deserved time off. Relax on the beach, enjoy its culinary offerings and admire a real Vermeer or Mondriaan. The city offers endless possibilities. The Hague is the only large city in the Netherlands located on the coast and it boasts two seaside resorts and 11 kilometres of pristine coastline. Enjoy the shopping, countless first-class restaurants, an internationally well-known dance troupe, museums displaying world-renowned art and a variety of theatres.

  • Personal and compact

Congress and meeting attendees will immediately feel at home in The Hague, as the city is both personal and compact. Or, to put it in the words of former American President Barack Obama after attending the Nuclear Security Summit, the largest international conference ever held in the Netherlands, “It is truly gezellig!” Gezellig is an often heard Dutch word that encompasses friendliness, comfort, amicability, cosiness, warmth, atmosphere – all in one word!

The Hague beach
cyclists The Hague

Key Clusters

On top of being home to the largest cyber security cluster in Europe, The Hague’s profile as the home of peace and justice was recently raised by the rapid growth of the ICT-Security Campus. The development of innovations to improve climate policy and the energy transition have also become increasingly important in the city. In line with its reputation as the home of peace and justice, The Hague is the chosen home base of many international organisations in the fields of law and finance, IT and technology, the impact economy, social entrepreneurship and humanitarian issues. Events related to any of these issues are always welcome in The Hague.

Top Conferences and International Congresses

The Hague has a significant track record of successful top events. Three recent events were the

  • The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (2019):Over 1,200 entrepreneurs and 400 investors debated and discussed innovations that could support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve the lives of millions of people.
  • One Young World (2018): The world’s biggest youth conference where over 1,500 future world leaders convened in The Hague to discuss complex global issues such as peace, justice, and the environment.
  • The 49th World Conference on Lung Health (2018): a record 3,919 experts from 125 countries came together in the World Forum to discuss air pollution and how to combat lung disease. This year’s theme was a perfect fit for the International City of Peace and Justice: ‘Declaring Our Rights: Social and Political Solutions’.

Organising a conference or event and considering The Hague?

Get in touch with The Hague Convention Bureau. With extensive expertise in the field of event management combined with expert knowledge of the city, the support team will make sure that you benefit from all the possibilities and the facilities the city has to offer. The Hague Convention Bureau is there to help you find the perfect location, connect you to local stakeholders and service providers, and support you in preparing a bid. Together, we will make your event unforgettable.

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