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The Hague city centre

Q&A: Your visit to The Hague

The restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus as much as possible are slowly being lifted step by step. We are all looking forward to a day at the beach, terrace or museum. What is actually allowed and what do you have to take into account for a visit to The Hague? By answering the most frequently asked questions below, we hope to make clear what you should take into account for a visit to The Hague.
[Photo credits - Arjan de Jager]

What is opening and when?

Since 1st July, the restrictive measures due to the containment of the Corona virus are being lifted. Public life in The Hague is getting going again, under strict conditions. Restaurants, cafes, beach bars and other food and beverage outlets have reopened again, but it shouldn't get too crowded and reservations are required. Museums, theatres and cinemas have also reopened again, but tickets must be bought in advance and not too many people are allowed in yet. It is still very important that it never gets too crowded to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Plan your visit to The Hague well, always keep 1.5 metres away from other people and go elsewhere if it is too busy in one place: look for space. The information below is based on information from the National Government and the Municipality of The Hague. Check www.denhaag.nl or www.rijksoverheid.nl for more information.

Are the shops open in The Hague?

The shops in The Hague are open. Stores let in a limited number of customers at the same time, to avoid getting too busy. It is also mandatory within the store to always keep 1.5 metres away from other people. Also avoid busy places when shopping. If it gets too busy in the shopping streets, go elsewhere or come back another time. Come to the shops on foot or by bicycle as much as possible. Also it is a good idea to go shopping elsewhere than in the city centre. It is often much quieter in the shopping streets surrounding the city centre.

Can I visit The Hague for a day out?

Yes, you are allowed to visit The Hague for a day trip. However, there are clear rules for a visit to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus. It is still compulsory to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people and it is important to stay away from busy places. In addition, you cannot spontaneously eat out, go to the theatre or visit a museum, but you must reserve in advance. Therefore, prepare yourself for a day out to ensure that you can enjoy your visit. Fortunately, The Hague is a large city with wide avenues, large parks and a beautiful wide sandy beach. Especially with good weather and on a day off it can get too crowded in popular places. Did you know that the beach of The Hague is 11km long? Find a quiet spot so it doesn't get too busy. If it is very busy at the shops in the city centre, then go to the shopping streets outside the centre. There you will often find unique shops, for example in the Piet Heijnstraat in the Zeeheldenkwartier or the Van Hoytemastraat in the Benoordenhout. Read below which specific rules apply for a day out in The Hague. 

How is The Hague best accessible?

If possible, go out by bike or on foot. Walking and cycling makes it easier to keep your distance from other people. If you come by car, check in advance where you will park and whether this parking space or garage is open. Especially when the weather is fine, it can be busy with traffic towards the beach and the municipality of The Hague can decide to close parking spaces near the beach to prevent it from becoming too busy on the beach. Avoid traffic jams and save money by parking at a Park and Ride or Park and Bike (more information). If you are to go by public transport, wearing a non-medical mask is compulsory. The timetable may have been adjusted due to the restrictions regarding the Corona virus. Before leaving, please check www.ns.nl for the train timetable or www.htm.nl for the tram and bus timetable.

I live in The Hague. Can I go out in my own city?

Go out in our own beautiful city, but do it wisely. Always keep 1.5 metres away from other people and avoid crowded places. As locals we know exactly where it can get busy and let's be honest, we all know a quiet place where it is just as good or perhaps even better. Take advantage of this so that we can all keep enough distance to prevent the virus from further spreading in the future. Go out as much as possible on foot or by bike, that is a luxury that a lot of locals have. This prevents it from becoming too busy on the road and in public transport. Only use public transport if you really have to, so that our heroes in healthcare and other crucial professions can travel to and from work safely and carefree. The catering industry is open again as of 1st June, but it is not yet possible to spontaneously have a coffee or eat out in one of the beautiful shops in our city. Reservations are required and a maximum number of people are allowed in. This also applies to theatres, cinemas and museums. See below which measures apply exactly so that you are well prepared.

I live abroad. Can I visit The Hague?

Holidays to the Netherlands are again possible, but not for everyone. Therefore, always check the website of the National Government before departure to see if you can travel to The Netherlands. As a general rule, people traveling from areas that have less or as much risk of Corona as The Netherlands are welcome. Just like the Dutch, visitors must adhere to the applicable rules, such as keeping 1.5 metres away from each other and avoiding busy places. For the time being, it is compulsory to book your hotel, campsite or B&B in advance. When upon asked, you must be able to prove that you have a reservation. 

Before you visit The Hague from abroad, it is important to take the following steps:

  •  Are you ill? You need to stay at home.
  • Take a good look at the rules of the country you are in and whether you can already travel abroad.
  • Check the website of the Dutch national government to see whether it is permitted to visit The Netherlands from your country.
  • If all this is possible: book one of the beautiful accommodations in The Hague. Check out our Accommodation in The Hague page for inspiration

Can I go to the beach in Scheveningen or Kijkduin for a day?

Yes, this is possible under certain conditions. The Hague has an 11-kilometre-long beach, from Kijkduin to Scheveningen. It is usually fine to keep a distance on the wide beach: there is a vast amount of space. It is still compulsory to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people and to avoid busy places. If it is too busy on the beach or in a certain place? Then walk or cycle a bit further to a quieter part or come back another time. It is not the intention to all go to the beach by public transport. Instead, take the bike or go for a walk if you live nearby. To prevent traffic congestion around the beach, certain roads around the beach and the harbour may be closed. The municipality can also decide to close the parking spaces at the beach if it gets too busy. If you do come by car, consider using a Park and Ride or Park and Bike, which avoids traffic jams and saves money (more information).

Can I eat or drink in The Hague?

Since 1st June, restaurants, cafes, beach bars and other food and beverage outlets are open again and are able to receive a limited amount of guests. Have a nice dinner or a drink, but do it responsibly. Terraces may be used again, but 1.5 metres must be kept between the seats. However, many terraces will be larger than normal. A maximum of 100 people may also be present in food and beverage outlets. Here the same applies, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be abided by. If you want to go to a food and drink establishment from 1st June onwards, you must make a reservation in advance. The staff of the restaurant, cafe or beach tent will ask questions about your health, because those who are ill must stay at home. It is therefore not possible to walk in spontaneously.

Can I visit museums in The Hague?

Since 1st June the museums are open again to the general public. Did you miss the Girl with a Pearl Earring so much? It is now compulsory to reserve a ticket in advance for a visit to a museum. This allows the museums to enter visitors in a responsible manner and ensure that everyone can keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres. How many people can enter a museum at the same time depends on the size of the museum. Always visit the website of the museum itself to see how you can visit the museum. Usually a ticket must be reserved for a specific time.

Can I go to the cinema, theatre or concert hall in The Hague?

Cinemas and cultural institutions such as theatres and concert halls were allowed to open again since 1st June. It will be a different experience than usual. It is compulsory to book a ticket in advance, because it can prevent it from getting too busy. For the time being, a maximum of 100 people may go inside. When you book the ticket, the staff will ask how you are doing, because those who are ill still have to stay at home. Many performances have been postponed or canceled due to the Corona crisis, so always check the website of the cinema or cultural institution itself. Then you can immediately book a ticket there.

Can I spend the night in a hotel or a campsite or holiday park in The Hague?

The hotels in The Hague are open as usual. However, always check the hotel website itself to make sure it is open. The hotels take all hygiene requirements into account with their hygiene measures. Campsites and holiday parks are allowed to open the communal toilets and showers again from 15th June onwards, so that all camping guests will be welcome again. 

Can I visit The Hague Market?

The Hague Market is open in a smaller manner on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00. Market stalls are open consisting of three of the six rows. It will differ per market day which stalls these are. After only the sale of food in recent months, the sale of other products has now also resumed. However, there are certain rules that imply: only a limited number of people can enter at the same time, checks are made at the entrances, there are compulsory walking routes, stalls are further apart and supervisors are present on the site. It is mandatory to always keep 1.5 metres away from other people. If this does not happen in practice, the municipality can immediately close the market. A visit to The Hague Market should not be seen as a pleasant outing at the moment and should only be used for shopping. Recently it has also become possible to shop online at The Hague Market: lokalemarkten.nl.

Is public transport in The Hague?

Use public transport only when it is really necessary and not for a trip. Avoid the public as much as possible during rush hour and give each other as much space as possible. From 1st June it is mandatory to wear a non-medical mouth mask in public transport. An adapted timetable applies to some lines. Check www.ns.nl for the trains and www.htm.nl for buses and trams.

I want to go to an event in The Hague. Will it go ahead?

All events up to September 1 throughout the Netherlands are prohibited by the national government. Whether events can take place again after 1 September depends on developments with regard to the Corona virus. Outdoor events are allowed up to 250 people by July 1, but only 1.5 meters away, and the government will make a decision on this later in the summer. Did you plan to go to a certain event in The Hague? Then take a look at the website of the event itself. Some events have been postponed to later in the year or next year. If an event is postponed, tickets purchased usually remain valid for the new date. If the event is canceled completely, the event cannot be moved or you cannot reschedule on the new date, the organizer of the event will usually offer a voucher worth the ticket price and service costs. In addition, you always have the option to request a refund.

When can I visit a match of ADO Den Haag again?

The 2020-2021 season of the premier league has ended. It is the intention that professional football can start again from 1st September. Matches will be played without an audience for the time being. It is not yet clear when it will be possible to support ADO Den Haag from the stands again.

Is The Hague Info Store open for information about The Hague and fun Hague products?

The Hague Info Store (THIS) in the library on the Spui has reopened. Visitors are welcome from Monday to Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00 for advice on a visit to The Hague and may also purchase fun products of The Hague. Measures have been taken within the store so that everyone can keep 1.5 metres away.

Are theme parks such as Madurodam, Drievliet and Duinrell open?

Theme parks are open again. It is important to always buy a ticket in advance. At all parks, tickets can be purchased via the park's website for visits on a specific day and at a specific time. This prevents it from becoming too busy at the super popular park. Inside Madurodam, hearts on the ground indicate how you can keep 1.5 metres away from other people. Measures have also been taken within Duinrell and Drievliet. A visit to an amusement park will be slightly different than usual. Check the park website itself to find out what to expect.

Can I go walking, running or cycling in the dunes and parks?

The parks and dune areas of The Hague are open to the public. The intention is to keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres away from other people, just like everywhere else. Especially when the weather is fine, it can get busy in the dunes and parks. Is it too busy to keep 1.5 metres away? Then go elsewhere. To avoid crowds in parking spaces, people are asked to come by bicycle or on foot as much as possible. If it does get too busy, it can be decided to close the dune area to the public. In the dune areas, everyone is asked to walk the marked hiking trails clockwise. Since the start of the Corona crisis in The Netherlands, the dune areas have been frequented visited by people who seek fresh air. This has also led to more waste being left in the nature. Always take your own waste or throw it in the appropriate waste bins. Outdoor sports - such as running - are allowed, but at a distance of 1.5 metres. Everyone is also obliged to consider not taking any risks with sports where you could be injured, to avoid additional pressure on the healthcare.

Can I take my dog for a walk on the beach?

The same rules apply for a walk on the beach with a dog as for walking alone on the beach. Always keep 1.5 metres away from other people and avoid crowded places. Dogs are only allowed on special permitted beaches between 15th May and 1st October. Dogs are always allowed from the end of the parking area Zwarte Pad to the border of the municipality of Wassenaar. Dogs are allowed on the Zuiderstrand between 21:00 and 07:00. Dogs are always allowed from beach entrance 2 at the end of the parking lot at Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan to the border of the municipality of Westland. Dogs are also always allowed between beach entrance 9 (Kwartellaan) and 10 (Duivelandsestraat).

If you have any questions about the Corona virus itself?

Please refer to www.rijksoverheid.nl/corona