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International organisations The Hague report

Economic impact of International city of Peace and Justice continues to grow

25 July 2020

The municipality of The Hague has announced the results of our sixth economic impact survey of the International non-profit sector in the Hague and region, conducted by an economic research institute, Decisio. According to the researchers, the economic activity of international organisations generates 40.000 jobs in The Hague and beyond.

Download here the 6th economic impact survey of the International non-profit sector in The Hague and region.

⏩ Impact survey of the international non-profit sector confirmed that the economic activities of international organisations:

  • have a significant impact directly and indirectly;
  • are generating around 40.000 jobs in The Hague and beyond;
  • are leading to increased consumption and direct spending.

There is a relatively large increase in the number of indirect jobs. Total employment related to the presence of international organisations increased by 64% between 2004 and 2019.

In the municipality of The Hague, 22.000 jobs result from the presence of international organisations based here. This accumulates to 11% in relation to the total municipal employment rate. That is a significant economic impact.

Map of the international organisations in The Hague

When you think of The Hague, you think of all the international organisations that can be found in the city, such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, Europol and Eurojust.
⏩ Below is a map of the city, showing the 30 most important organisations.

International organisations in The Hague