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The Hague Conference Centre
Conference centre

The Hague Conference Centre

Anna van Buerenplein 29 | 2595 DA The Hague | View on map
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Whether it is a small meeting, a corporate event or an international conference, The Hague Conference Centre is happy to take the work out of your hands and take care of every detail. A modern look, excellent service and creative food & beverage options are key to achieving success.

Venue overview

650 people
Meeting rooms
Largest meeting room
Venue style
Layout of the room
Banquet, Cocktail, Meeting, Theatre, Other
Type of event
Conference, Meeting, Presentation
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre

The place for your next Hybrid Event

The Hague Conference Centre is the ideal venue for webinars and live streaming. Due to their collaboration with AVEQ, they have all the necessary audio-visual equipment for virtual and hybrid events.

The plug and play studio has plenty of light and a direct view of The Hague Central Station. This makes the studio unique and adds a dynamic character to every webcast. The Hague Conference Centre has everything to make your virtual or hybrid event a success.

Thomas van der Zee - Commercial Director: "In addition to being centrally located and excellently accessible, this new studio allows us to now offer customers an online experience in a cost-effective way."

The Hague Conference Center Hybrid

The perfect venue for conferences and events

The Hague Conference Centre stands for international hospitality, luxury catering and contemporary facilities at the highest level. With professional and personal service, the venue is perfect for both small meetings and multi-day conferences of up to 650 people.

Advantages of the venue are:

  • great location and accessibility.
  • wide variety of spacious rooms and breakout options (20 rooms ranging from 20 to 650 people);
  • unique branding possibilities to fully align your event with your corporate identity;
  • audiovisual facilities to make your meeting a great success.


  • The Hague Conference Centre is located in the New Babylon building, right next to The Hague Central Station in the heart of the city of peace and justice.
  • The great advantage of The Hague is that it can be easily reached from two international airports: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Both can be reached within 30 minutes.
  • There is a guarded bicycle parking garage at The Hague Central Station right next to The Hague Conference Centre that is open very early in the morning to the early hours of the next morning.
  • There are ample parking facilities in Qpark CS-New Babylon. This garage has 1,246 parking places and direct access to the entrance of the conference centre. There are also several electric car charging points in the garage.
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre
The Hague Conference Centre


Always the right temperature
The Hague Conference Centre is located in the landmark New Babylon building. The building is ‘A’ certified for its Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (STES) system. The STES system heats and cools the building sustainably all year round. In summer the stored cold from the winter is used to cool down the building, while in winter the stored heat is used to heat the building.

The central location
The Hague Conference Centre’s great location next to The Hague Central Station is a huge advantage. Apart from trains, almost all the city’s buses and trams stop at the Central Station. We always encourage our guests to travel to the venue by public transport and are pleased with the response. Currently 80% of our guests arrive by public transport.

Recent sustainable renovations
The renovations in September 2019 have made the interior of the building much more sustainable. The new carpet in the main plenary hall and the ceilings in all the meeting rooms are made of recycled residual products. These residual products are turned into acoustic materials, giving the building its unique appearance. The building’s comfortable temperature and its good acoustics make it the perfect place to hold meetings, conferences, receptions and dinners. 

Zero waste
Finally, The Hague Conference Centre is working on reducing single-use plastics. We do not use plastic bottles but only glass bottles. These glass bottles can be filled at several water taps with still or sparkling Earth Water and can be reused day after day. The coffee in the coffee machines is exclusively organic.

These are only a few examples of how The Hague Conference Centre is contributing to a more sustainable world. It is working on finding new ways to make a difference every day.

Request for Proposal

Could The Hague Conference Centre be the venue of your next successful business or hybrid event? Contact us to talk through the options!

RFP for this venue +31 70 3618888
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