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Obsession – Partners for Live

Obsession is an event agency. They develop and direct events that go beyond the day itself. Obsession's goal is to help people, brands and organizations grow sustainably.
Obsession is passionate about connection and ready to take a different perspective. Through a unique combination of strategy, advice, creation and project management, the agency is fully committed to the impact of a personal encounter.
Obsession - Partners for Live.

Event agency The Hague

Obsession contributes to the growth of people, brand and organization

Whether the goal is organizational development, teambuilding, a product presentation or brand expansion, Obsession's events help you achieve sustainable growth.
Obsession creates momentum, resulting in opportunities for dialogue, involvement and insight. Resulting in joint progress and shared prosperity.

Obsession event agency The Hague

Obsession translates vision into the ultimate set-up

For every project, Obsession provides brainpower, creativity and rock-solid project management in order to define and monitor everything from strategy to execution with a keen sense of proportion.
From a creative concept to an intrinsic working format. From organization to communication.

Event agency The Hague

Obsession regards events as strategic communication

The power of a personal encounter extends beyond the event itself. That is why Obsession specializes in both events and communication. By combining these aspects, they help companies, organizations and government agencies achieve their goals.

Contact details
Rouwkooplaan 9
2251 AP Voorschoten

Event agency The Hague
David Frielink

Contact us

If you would like to work with Obsession and you need our mediation - please reach out to David Frielink at d.frielink@thehague.com.