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What are you looking for?


MeetingLinq is an international supplier of gifts and registration items for conferences, meetings, trade fairs and any kind of corporate event. As a one-stop-shop MeetingLinq supplies the PCOs and DMCs with multiple items, customised or even specially designed for the occasion. Their emphasis is always on offering a tailor-made solution and has a sharp eye for detail and quality. ‘When people meet, we make it possible’

MeetingLinq The Hague

MeetingLinq is your partner for a successful meeting. 

Conference badges
Choosing a badge for your event can be quite a task, because badges come in many sizes and qualities. When you need a badge, they also supply you with a matching lanyard. MeetingLinq has a soft-spot for badges. From a standard solution to a customized badge, let them help you make the right choice in regards to the format or material according to your needs and budget.

Promotional items
MeetingLinq offers many different promotional items from top suppliers that they pre-selected for you. Their range includes premium gifts, conference bags, pens, notebooks, usb sticks, power banks, awards, caps, ties, T-shirts, give-aways and many other promotional products. MeetnigLinq is confident that you will find the items that endorse your corporate brand and identifty, and help you customize these gifts for your meeting, event and conference.

MeetingLinq team

MeetingLinq has a young, but very experienced team in our offices in Amsterdam and in Hong Kong. Their team can seamlessly cover your meetings & events in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Pilotenstraat 46
1059 CR