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Congress by design

Congress by design

Partnership by design

Congress by design believes in the strength of sharing knowledge to shape a better future. They do this by bringing people and science together in a way that suits their needs and goals. Whether live, online or hybrid: they make sure that it is conceived and arranged in such a way as to create a rich environment for new insights, cross-links, and scientific and social progress.

Full-service PCO with international experience

With over 20 years of experience and more than 350 national and international congresses in their portfolio, they are a reliable Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) that is committed to working for and with clients, with a keen eye for detail. They work mainly for scientific associations, corporates and governments and have long-term partnerships. With offices in Alphen aan den Rijn and Groningen, Congress by Design connects seamlessly to regional networks and issues. Congress by design is IAPCO-certified.

Functional meeting design

Congress by design doesn’t just organise conferences, they also shape the content and experience with you. The functional meeting design that they develop gives direction to the set-up and organisation and is the compass by which the projectteam steers and switches gears during the entire process. Every meeting design is unique and offers alignment for all parties involved.

Adres & Contact

Flemingweg 18
2408 AV Alphen aan den Rijn 

Website: congressbydesign.com 

E-mail: info@congressbydesign.com

Phone: 088 089 8101