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Are you hosting a corporate event? evisit supports corporate event managers by offering excellent software and services. Their user-friendly software allows you to arrange the registration and communication for your event safely & efficiently. Additionally, you can make use of various services in the run-up to your event, such as hostesses, project support and customer care.

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Software for invitation management

Corporate events are easily organized with evisit: an online registration platform that supports event managers in the registration and communication of their event. The software bundles several processes on one platform, including communication through mailings, digital attendee registration, (extensive) registration forms. The software is suitable for every type of event and very user-friendly, allowing you to set up your event in minutes. 


Advantages of the software include:

  • all important information regarding the event is located on one platform;
  • importing and segmenting guest lists;
  • automatically updated lists within the guest list;
  • creating personalized registration flows, using the TagManager;
  • real-time insight in the number of registrants, allowing you to deploy additional communications regarding the event.

Taking things off event managers' plates

evisit offers various services in order to take some work out of the hands of event managers. This includes assistance in the run-up to the event, such as:

  • drafting and sending mails;
  • deduplicating and importing guest lists;
  • customer care;
  • setting up the event website;
  • designing mail and web headers in the corporate branding of your event.

Additionally, evisit offers different services during your event, including:

  • the welcoming of guests by professional hostesses;
  • on-site scanning of e-tickets;
  • on-site badge printing;
  • designing and providing printed materials, such as badges, key-cords, registration desks, flyers, entrance cards, signage, roll-up and flags.

Hosting online events

Besides offering software and services for physical events, evisit also supports event managers in hosting online and hybrid events. An online event is the perfect way to reduce travel time, cut catering costs and achieve overall effectiveness. evisit is happy to help you decide on the right tool for your specific event and make sure the chosen platform is all set up for the event. Throughout the entire process, evisit provides support. Prior to the event, for example, a dry run will take place and speakers will be instructed. On the day of the event your contact person will be observing behind the scenes and making sure that things run smoothly.

Contact details

Want to know what we can do for your event, venue or conference?
Then you can reach evisit at 070-3065420 or write an email to: vraag@evisit.nl


Lange Voorhout 92, 2514 EJ, The Hague