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A cultural melting pot

A Cultural Melting Pot

The Hague as International Convention Hub

The Hague, often referred to as "The International City of Peace and Justice," stands out as a cultural melting pot. With a fast-growing population of 560,000 inhabitant, it is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands. Let's explore the reasons why The Hague is an ideal destination for international conventions.

Global Cuisine The Hague

The Hague's Flavorful Diversity

The Hague boasts a diverse and dynamic population and is home to a thriving expat community, where cultures seamlessly blend. With over 180 nationalities living and working together, it's a true representation of global unity. This diversity creates a welcoming atmosphere for convention attendees, offering a unique opportunity for networking and international connections. 

The city is a global culinary experience, with restaurants serving dishes from all corners of the world. Whether you crave a spicy Thai or Indian curry, authentic Italian pizza, or traditional Dutch herring, The Hague's diverse dining scene caters to every taste and preference.  

Peace Palace

Where Diplomacy Meets Business

Another great advantage for our different nationalities is that most foreign embassies, Dutch ministries and the Supreme Court are located in The Hague. As the International City of Peace and Justice, it plays host to a large number of international tribunals, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. It is also home to more than 200 international organisations and European agencies (such as Europol and Eurojust) and NGOs. 

Beyond its diplomatic and legal stature, The Hague plays a significant role in the Dutch economy. The city houses numerous multinational corporations and start-ups in sectors such as New Energy, Legal & Policy, IT & Tech and Impact. More information can be found on The Hague Business Agency. The combination of a strong business ecosystem and international institutions offers convention attendees valuable insights into the industries and their innovation. 

Convention Bureau

Your International Convention Destination

The Hague's global position is what makes it an excellent choice for hosting international conventions. So, when seeking a destination that bridges cultures, embraces diversity, and opens doors to international opportunities, The Hague would be a true cultural melting pot. 

David Frielink

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