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Buro BRAND Visuele Communicatie BV

Buro BRAND Visuele Communicatie BV

In the middle of The Hague you can meet up in the heart of the new generation of working visually, with everything that you may desire regarding working together in an energetic, effective and pleasant manner. Use the same space and materials these creative advisors use for their strategic solution workshops. This is made possible on our creative office that we use for group trainings and facilitating creative workshops. We’ve named this creative makerspace: BRAND36, a hint at Bink36 the Industrial offices space in The Hague , our location. This is the same place as the popular

Inspiring meeting location

Our rooms can be used together or separately for groups of 2 people up to a group of up to 75 people. So whether you are looking for an inspiring meeting location for a small or large group of people, we certainly have the perfect meeting room for you in The Hague. How about De Kazarne? This large space is ideal for (inter)active sessions. Do you want a smaller space with lots of opportunities for creativity? Then rent our obstacle course. Would you prefer a more homely atmosphere? Then our Firezone or BRANDpunt are ideal.

David Frielink

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Interested in learning more about the various possibilities? Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to share information and answer any questions you may have.