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New Invest in Holland Strategy is aligned with the THBA focus and work method

16 July 2020

The Invest in Holland Strategy 2020-2025 of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is well aligned with the focus and work method of the THBA.

Under the header ‘Acquisition for Impact’, it states that in addition to the economic value provided by foreign companies and investors, the focus in the upcoming years will be on expanding the contributions of these companies to the social challenges that are the result of globalisation, digitisation and climate change, as also formulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This is a perfect fit with our profiling of The Hague as a city that is promoting a better, safer and more equitable world.

The demand-driven approach of the THBA in the acquisition of companies that fit into the ecosystem of the Hague region, is embraced by the NFIA in its new strategy all across the Netherlands. In the accompanying letter to the Dutch Lower House, minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs names the initiative by NFIA, THBA and AmsterdaminBusiness for a national proposal for the Fintech sector as an example in the new strategy. In addition to its participation in this cluster, THBA will also participate in focus teams in the area of IT/tech and Sustainability.

Last but not least, the head of FDI for THBA, Laurens Kok, has been asked to serve as the Talent portfolio holder for the National Acquisition Platform. Attracting and retaining talented employees from diverse international backgrounds is key in providing an attractive operational and investment climate.

Click here for the link to Invest in Holland Strategy 2020-2025: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/kamerstukken/2020/04/17/kamerbrief-over-naar-meer-focus-in-de-acquisitie-van-buitenlandse-bedrijven

More about the Invest in Holland Platform

Together with 11 other regional partners and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, The Hague Business Agency is part of the Invest in Holland platform. The goal of the platform is to jointly coordinate on behalf of the government the positioning of the Netherlands as a prime operational and investment location for foreign companies and to actively recruit businesses.

Photo credits: The Noordzeeboederij Foundation in The Hague is working together with Danish wind farm developer Orsted to grow algae at sea.