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Introducing TheHaguePass: Unlock Your Passion for The Hague

14 November 2023

TheHaguePass is the English-version of the city’s official discount card, which has already been downloaded 3300 times. (photo: The Hague & Partners)

The Hague — The vibrant city of The Hague is proud to announce the launch of TheHaguePass, the English-language version of the city’s digital discount card that will unlock your passion for this captivating destination. With TheHaguePass, visitors, expats and locals alike can now indulge in the city's rich cultural heritage, explore its iconic landmarks, and experience its diverse range of activities, all while enjoying exclusive discounts and benefits.

Launched officially during the annual Expat Fair last week, Saturday November 4, the new English version of the DenHaagPas is now live. TheHaguePass is designed to enhance your experience in The Hague, providing you with a an overview of exclusive discounts in the Hague’s top attractions, museums, restaurants, shops and more, as well as an up to date calendar with the most exciting upcoming events, exhibitions and of course various exclusive discounts in The Hague and its surrounding area.

Hidden gems

TheHaguePass will not only make exploring The Hague more affordable, it also encourages people to discover the hidden gems and unique experiences that the city has to offer such as Museum Bredius, the Children’s Book Museum, the VR-Experience or Muzee Scheveningen. Immerse yourself in The Hague’s rich history by visiting renowned landmarks such as the Binnenhof, the Peace Palace, and the Mauritshuis. Explore the world of modern art at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, or discover the contemporary exhibitions at the renowned Museum Voorlinden and many more.

From thrilling boat tours along the city's picturesque canals to exciting bike rides through its charming streets, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Get exclusive discounts on various activities as well as restaurants, spas, shops and attractions including Anne & Max Kerkplein, Gallery 61, the Pizzabakkers, Kompaan, Full Moon Express, Wagamama or Liqueur Museum Van Kleef. TheHaguePass ensures that you can make the most of your time in The Hague.

Waste reduction

TheHaguePass is not only a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the city but also a sustainable choice. By going digital, TheHaguePass eliminates the need for plastic cards, reducing waste and contributing to a greener future. Simply download the app, buy your annual pass for 7,50 euros, and start unlocking the wonders of The Hague. You can switch between Dutch and English at any time; just open the app, go to ‘contact’ and select the language of your preference at the top.

For more information and to purchase your pass, visit denhaag.com/pas. Unlock your passion for The Hague today with the TheHaguePass, and discover the city like never before.