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Opening Informatiecentrum Binnenhof Renovatie

Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre opens its doors

13 November 2023

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre was officially opened by Yvonne van der Brugge-Wolring (left) director general Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and alderman Saskia Bruines (right). (Photo: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf / Bart Maat)

The Hague - While Binnenhof will not be open to the public for the next few years due to renovation work, the Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre will open its doors. From Saturday 11 November, visitors can take a free look inside the information centre and learn more about Binnenhof's 800 years of history as well as its future. The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre is located at Plaats 22, a stone's throw from the Binnenhof. Admission is free.

The Binnenhof Renovation Information Centre was officially opened saturday by Director-General of the Government Property Company Yvonne van der Brugge-Wolring and Alderman Saskia Bruines.

Yvonne van der Brugge-Wolring, director-general of the Government Property Company: "Our Information Centre combines a dive into the 800-year history of the Binnenhof with a look to the future. For example, archaeological finds make the old Binnenhof tangible and images of the latest designs show what the complex will look like after the renovation. In doing so, we bring the history and future of the Binnenhof closer than ever."

Special findings

Bruines: "The Hague is proud of its centuries-old Binnenhof. As a centre of government, the heart of democracy and the heart of The Hague's city centre. Now that the Binnenhof is not accessible to the general public, this information centre is a great alternative where people can discover the Binnenhof. You can admire special finds that our archaeologists have unearthed. Think of a special drinking jug buried by masons in the 13th century for good luck and building prosperity. "

Visitors will find a wealth of information about the history and future of the Binnenhof in the Information Centre of the State Property Agency. The centre displays impressive models, interactive displays and multimedia presentations that highlight the challenges of renovating the various parts of the complex, such as restoring historical details and improving sustainability.


Visitors can explore the architectural plans, including the redesign of the Lower and Upper Houses, for example. In addition, the centre offers insights into the political significance of the Binnenhof and how it remains a symbol of Dutch democracy. On the ground floor, visitors can see original objects such as chairs, tableware sets, statues, vases and nameplates.

In the monumental basement of the information centre, the rich history of 800 years of Binnenhof comes further to life. Between the vaults, you will find unique archaeological finds from the 800-year history of the complex. In this atmospheric space, you can also virtually walk around the Binnenhof complex via an interactive game.

This weekend, there is a special opening action where the first hundred visitors to the information centre will receive a piece of Binnenhof. The information centre is open five days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday.