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Building the future of energy together

  • For many years the City of The Hague supports business with social impact, sustainability and climate to speed up the transition to sustainable economy. Over the last decade of energy transition, changes on local heat supply and motivation of large networks in the renewables value chains became high priority for the city.


  • To facilitate this change the City of The Hague in close collaboration with the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and supported by ImpactCity The Hague, EBN, Geothermie NL, Bodemenergie NL, EGEC have hosted an event to facilitate an open discussion about the use of geothermal energy in district areas and lessons learned from other cities willing to share their experiences and best practices.

Live stream recording - Experience Geothermal The Hague

All presentations followed by the panel discussion can be watched in this recording of the live stream. If you wish to download the slides of presenters, please see the links below.

Speakers and program slides

Arctic Green Energy - Haukur Hardarson

European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) - Sanjeev Kumar

ENECO - Jinny Moe Soe Let

EBN - Herman Exalto

REN21 – Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century - Rana Adib

"GEothermies" program - Geneva, Marie Lecompte

Perpetuum Energy Partners - Jan Willem Rösingh

Philip Mulder

Get in touch with Philip

If you have any questions regarding content of this webinar, please contact Philip - p.mulder@thehague.com or phone M +31686843715