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The Hague is an Impact City

The Hague, centre for innovations for a better world, safer and more just world.
As the seat of the Dutch government, The Hague is a centre for sustainable development. To effectively address the global challenges, public and private partnerships are being formed on themes such as safety, humanitarian innovation, sustainability, renewable energy and food.
Under the motto ‘innovations for a better world’, co-creation is encouraged and facilitated by the municipality of The Hague.


The Hague has one of the most connected and fastest-growing Impact communities in the Netherlands. In our city startups, scaleups, international companies, institutions, NGOs and social enterprises have exceptional networking opportunities with potential investors, government, academic organizations and policymakers.

ImpactFest with almost 2000 participants in 2019 is one of the “must-attend” events of the year in The Hague, where key change-makers come every year to network and find high impact solutions.

TOP 5 innovation hubs The Hague

  • Binckhaven is the beating heart of ImpactCity of The Hague with 200 creative businesses, where everything is about doing good and doing business.
  • Apollo 14 is a hub for technological and social innovators in the fields of peace, law, security, energy, health, food, water and many other global challenges.
  • The Hague Humanity Hub is a community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian action, bringing together NGOs, academia, commercial enterprises and governmental bodies.
  • The Hague Tech is a thriving and diverse community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, scale-ups striving for technological innovations with co-working environment and tech labs, focusing mainly on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and smart building technology. Impact accelerator and a thriving global entrepreneurship platform WorldStartup is one of the residents of The Hague Tech.
  • YES!Delft – community from Delft with an ambition to make the new location a vibrant and innovative environment for tech startups with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

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Our Services

Our goal is to help social enterprises to overcome their challenges in pursuit of their social missions. We empower entrepreneurs by facilitating their access to capital, talent, expertise and visibility. We accelerate their progress by working with the government on various startups on programmes.

  1. The Startup in Residence Programme is part of ImpactCity initiative. Through this programme, the municipality of The Hague is looking for and invests in startups with innovative ideas that tackle challenges in the city. This acceleration program supports startups in co-creating and developing their prototypes and business models with civil servants. Startups received assignments through the SIR program are MyCleanCity, Driven to Impact, Avenieuw, ScoopExpert and Envision Technologies. 
  2. The Hague Innovators Challenge is a yearly ImpactCity challenge, where the municipality asks startups, scale-ups and students to present innovative ideas for global issues, linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Winners of the challenge receive a cash prize with which they can finance the development of their first pilot or prototype. The prizes are € 25.000 for the best scale-up, € 15.000 for the best startup and € 10.000 for the best student idea. Amongst the winners of the challenge in previous years are Seepje, Greenfox, Noordzeeboerderij, CricketOne, Human-Surge, Fungalogic.


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    Speak directly with the Business Advisor Impact Economy & NGOs Diana Eggleston at d.eggleston@thehague.com.