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Which started out as a small engineering consultancy in Australia more than 50 years ago, now is a company with almost 50.000 employees over 45 countries, including the Netherlands. 

Worley stands as an international global engineering firm, offering solutions to clients within the energy sector aimed at the decarbonization of their assets. Since relocating their headquarters in the Netherlands to The Hague in 2018, Worley's base now accommodates close to 1200 individuals. Their impact on the Dutch energy transition is tangible, with a focus on projects in the sector of green hydrogen, biofuels, plastic recycling, and the development of biodegradable plastics. 

At Worley, the mission is clear: to guide clients towards a more sustainable future.

Acting as a bridge between tradition and innovation, Worley drives the transition to renewable energy sources while ensuring that the vital energy, chemicals, and resources society relies upon remain readily available.

In 2021, Worley made a resolute declaration, setting their sights on deriving 75 percent of revenue from sustainability-centric projects by 2026. This commitment to sustainable evolution is not just about the environment, embracing economic and social imperatives too.

Meet Peter van Alphen

Senior Vice President Operations WME (Western Mainland Europe)

"The Hague suits very well our needs. We have more than 40 different cultures within the The Hague Office, with people coming from outside the Netherlands and outside of Europe. There is a good connection with Schiphol Airport, there is a railway station nextdoors and it's a good accomodation in terms of hotels and restaurants. We have a large expat community within Worley, and they find a good connection within the expat community in The Hague".