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What are you looking for?


A number of webinars hosted by experts in various areas in collaboration with The Hague & Partners.

Webinar #12 - Corporate meets social: the Dutch BVm is upcoming for social entrepreneurs

A BVm (maatschappelijke BV) is a Dutch limited liability company which primarily aims to positively impact society. This new company type will be marked with the letters “BVm”, thereby making it easily recognizable on the market. Key characteristics are the limitation of profit distributions to shareholders, attribution of additional rights to BVm stakeholders and the introduction of additional social reporting requirements.

About a year ago, a regulation outline was published by the Dutch government for public consultation. In general, this outline was well-received. Given the broader prominent ESG agenda of the new Dutch government installed earlier this year, it is expected that the government will publish an official legislative proposal in the near future.

In this webinar the speakers will introduce the BVm, the main purpose of it and will highlight the main BVm features.


  • Diana Eggleston, Business Advisor Impact Economy & NGOs, The Hague & Partners.

The Key speakers:

Webinar #11 - The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

This webinar, powered by The Hague & Partners, will provide you with insights on what the CSRD will require in terms of action, what challenges most organizations face in complying with the Directive, and how to best prepare for the forthcoming reporting requirements.

The directive will apply to the following companies:

  • All large companies (2 out of 3 criteria met)
    • Revenues > EUR 40 million
    • Total assets > EUR 20 million
    • > 250 employees
  • All companies with listed securities on EU-regulated markets, except micro-undertakings
  • Listed SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from +3 years for implementation


The Key speakers:

  • Koen Eising -  CSR Director, Alliander NV
  • Han Hindriks – Senior Manager ESG Assurances, Sustainability Team, Deloitte


Webinar #10 - The Innovation Fund Webinar

Access to EU Funding series

In this webinar, you will hear our EU fundraising expert - Simona Trpovska talking about The Innovation Fund and how to access it. You will get advice on how to raise funds that will enable you to bring your innovation to the market, how to avoid the most common mistakes and how to make the whole process efficient.


This webinar is for you if you are or work on:

  • Large scale (>€7.5M) and/or small scale (€2.5 - €7.5M) entrepreneur
  • Innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy-intensive industries, including products substituting carbon-intensive ones 

  • Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) 

  • Construction and operation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) 

  • Innovative renewable energy generation 

  • Energy storage 


Hosts and moderators:

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #9 -Access to EU Funding Webinar

In this webinar, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about EU funds and how to access them. You get advice from our experts on how to raise finance that will enable you to bring your innovation to the market, how to avoid most common mistakes and how to make the whole process efficient. 


Who is this webinar for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • New energy companies
  • NGO with a demonstrated solution and a validated business model

Topics to be covered: 

  • EU Funds and main funding schemes (I-DS Coaching & Consulting)
  • The Hague ecosystem as a breeding ground for innovative actors (Humanity Hub)
  • ImpactCity as a leading impact ecosystem in Europe and how The Hague Municipality supports impact entrepreneurs (ImpactCity, Municipality of The Hague)
  • The role of The Hague Business Agency and how we can help (THBA)


Hosts and moderators:

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

MINI CONFERENCE The Hague & Partners Conference

The Hague is an impact city and is considered the most welcoming city in the Netherlands for internationals. At The Hague & Partners we have started doing interactive online conferences to help entrepreneurs network effectively and efficiently during crisis times.

Who was it for?

This webinar is for active international entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand their business to Europe, looking for investors, partners, strategic contacts and guidance in various business related matters.  

What was covered?: 

  • Personal experiences of entrepreneurs in the South-Holland region
  • What does The Hague offer to the Indian businesses and entrepreneurs? (Economic vision)
  • What did The Netherlands and The Hague do to support entrepreneurship in response to COVID-19 crisis? (government initiatives, social distancing, etc)
  • What are the business, collaboration and funding opportunities in The Hague for international entrepreneurs?
  • If I am interested in starting or expanding  my business to the Netherlands, where can I start?


  • Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup
  • Anesh Kisoen, Business Advisor IT & Tech, The Hague & Partners
  • Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor, The Hague
  • Marten van den Berg, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India
  • Venu Rajamony, Ambassador of India to the Netherlands
  • Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup

Impactful Smart cities

  • Hub Speaker: Gerrit Jan van ’t Veen, Founder, WorldStartup
  • Startup Speaker: Samuel Alvarado, CEO & Co-Founder at ModelMe3D
  • Moderator: Parvez Alam, CEO, Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council

Impactful Societies

  • Hub Speaker: Alex Taillandier, Programming Director, Humanity Hub
  • Startup Speaker - 1: Mark Andres, Director, Elva Community Engagement
  • Startup Speaker - 2: Alex Gunkel, Founder Space4Good
  • Moderator: Suresh Krishna Bandi, Incubation Manager, SR Innovation Exchange

Impactful AI

  • Hub Speaker: Olga Wielders, Program & Relationship Manager, The Hague Tech
  • Startup Speaker: Matthew Westaway, Co-Founder & CEO, Voyc
  • Moderator: Rama Iyer, Chief Innovation Officer, T-Hub

Impactful Agriculture

  • Hub Speaker: Woody Maijers, programma regisseur Innovatiepact, Greenport West-Holland 
  • Hub Speaker - 1: Gerjo Engbers, Manager Asia, Delphy
  • Startup Speaker - 2: Pim van Adrichem, Director at HortiTech bv
  • Moderator: Dinesh Chauhan, COO at Indian Society of Agribusiness Professional

Impactful Security

  • Hub Speaker - 1: Bert Feskens, Security Innovation Liaison, The Hague Security Delta
  • Hub Speaker - 2: Philip Meijer, Senior Account Manager Safety & Security, Innovation Quarter 
  • Startup Speaker: Nadia Kadhim, CEO, Naq Cyber 
  • Moderator: Hamanta Borah, Head of Ecosystem Development, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park


Presentations transcript

Transcript can be downloaded PDF | 861.72 KB


You can watch the recording down below. 

Webinar #8 - Dr. Brexit - Webinar by The Hague & Partners with Blue Turtle Tax and FD Legal Services

With Brexit going ahead massive changes are expected in all areas of business and trade. Our team has talked to two experts in law, tax, GDPR and Brexit matters to help you get a better understanding of the new rules and navigate through this change.

Who is it for?  

  • A UK/EU company that still wants to run their business in the EU/UK post Brexit;
  • A non-EU company that considers to set-up an office in Europe.

What was covered?

  • Current challenges for EU-UK businesses;
  • How Brexit will affect your operations and ambitions;
  • A strategic eye on the timeline and effects of Brexit in a broad perspective;
  • Practical guidance on Brexit relatedchallenges;
  • Q&A session at the end of the webinar, where you can askyour questions.


Famke van Dam graduated from Utrecht University in 1999 and is a seasoned lawyer with both big firm as in-house experience. She worked at the Council of State, Loyens & Loeff and the Port of Rotterdam and is specialized in civil and administrative law matters. During her career Famke gained experience in strongly regulated industries such as the aerospace, energy, mining, waste and chemical industry. Now, as owner of a boutique firm, she works on claims management, advises on regulatory compliance and assists in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements. In 2020 Famke completed the post-academic Grotius education on national and international contracting. She has a very hands-on approach and her style is solution-orientated and precise. 

Duy is the founder and CEO of Blue Turtle Tax and practicing international tax law since 2007. Prior to Blue Turtle Tax he worked at Deloitte, PwC and EY. He has hard-nosed experience in all kinds of tax law matters including litigation, set-up and restructuring of international business models, tax effective supply chain management, M&A, negotiating deals with the Tax Authorities, ERP-systems implementations and general tax management. His style is client-centric and practical taking into the equation the business and organizational drivers of the client.

Since the outcome of the Brexit referendum in 2017, Duy has been heavily involved in advising businesses on the Brexit impact on various subjects, e.g. Customs, VAT, supply chain, regulatory, people, logistics, IT, legal contracts, etc.

E-mail: d.vonoven@exterus.nl ; Phone: +31 88 185 00 01

E-mail: j.dijks@exterus.nl ; Phone: +31 88 185 00 21


Webinar #7 - Opportunities for NGOs and International Organisations in The Hague

Widely known as the International City of Peace and Justice, The Hague has put much effort into creating an enabling ecosystem for cross-sector collaboration. Every day, over 30.000 people come together to work on solutions for a better, safer and more just world. The City of The Hague is proud and delighted to welcome organisations who contribute to this mission.


Who was this webinar for?

  • NGOs who would like to explore The Hague as a potential location for their European office
  • Organisations who are working on innovative solutions to address the global challenges and seek to connect with like-minded people
  • Organisations currently based in the UK who wish to remain in the EU post-Brexit

Topics covered: 

  • A brief history of the International City of Peace &Justice (City of The Hague)
  • The Hague ecosystem as a breeding ground for innovative actors (Humanity Hub)
  • Incorporation, structure and taxation - key steps for setting up an entity in the Netherlands (Briddge Legal & Finance
  • The role of The Hague & Partners Business Agency and how we can help 


  • Pepijn Zaagman, Policy Advisor, International Affairs Department, Municipality of The Hague
  • Jill Wilkinson, Director, The Hague Humanity Hub 
  • Marc Dunnewijk, Senior Partner, Briddge Legal & Finance

Host and moderator:

  • Diana Eggleston, Business Advisor Impact Economy & NGO

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #6 – New developments in financial support for SMEs in the Netherlands

Who is it for?

This webinar is for the Netherlands based small and medium size companies that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The legal and finance experts will give an update about temporary financial remedies developed by the Dutch Government and the city municipality. They will give advice on what your company should to do in order to get financial support and what it is you have to be aware of.


Topics covered:

  • Financial instruments for small and medium sized companies - Gert-Jan de Jager
  • The criteria and procedures for these instruments (NOW 2.0, COL 2.0, Tozo, etc.) – Gert-Jan de Jager
  • Update on current and future Investor Relations activities - Guy van Eijkeren

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #5 - How can low carbon technology developers get access to funding in the Netherlands?

The Hague & Partners has broadcasted their fifth webinar about how low carbon technology developers get access to funding in the Netherlands.

In this webinar you will have a chance to hear from energy innovation and funding experts about various financial programs and subsidies available today for small and medium sized businesses, especially for developers of low carbon technology. 

In this webinar

To combat climate change, the Dutch government aims to achieve reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels and a 95% reduction by 2050 in the Netherlands. These goals were announced in the Climate Act on May 28, 2019. The Climate Plan, the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and the National Climate Agreement contain the policy and measures to achieve these goals in the Netherlands.

Innovation in the energy industry is key for climate change, which can be costly. In a new series of webinars The Hague & Partners will share insights on public and private funding opportunities for developers of low carbon technology.

Who is it for?

The session is relevant for electricity and heat generating industries such as (offshore) wind, solar, marine and geothermal and more than that. It relates to all sustainable solutions that lead to a lower carbon footprint. Think of hydrogen, energy storage, system integration, electrification, carbon storage, cleantech, but also digitalization.

It is for foreign and Netherlands based companies exploring public and private funding opportunities to boost their growth and innovation activities in the electricity and heat generating industries as well as in sustainable solutions development.

Topics to be covered

  • The Hague & Partners & its role – Philip Mulder
  • Financial instruments – Rene Kamphuis, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
  • Subsidies and tax incentives – Martin Otten, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 


Webinar #4 - Successful Strategies for Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis

The Hague & Partners has broadcasted their fourth webinar about the successful strategies for overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis with the speakers:

  • Saskia Bruines - Deputy Mayor The Hague for Economic Affairs, International Affairs and Municipal Services
  • Laurens Kok – Head of Foreign Investments
  • Henk Kool – Chairman of the Economic Board The Hague

In this webinar

  • Economic Vision of The Hague city 2030
  • Global Trends in Direct Foreign Investments and emerging business opportunities
  • Latest developments and updates from The Hague Economic Board

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #3 – Talent attraction, retention and collaborative effort

The topic of talent is getting more strategic significance. That is why The Hague & Partners team has done a webinar on talent attraction, retention and collaborative effort.

Watch recorded video of this webinar with Nicole van Haelst from International Community Platform and Miroslava Semagina from Recruitment Agency Octagon.

You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #2 - New Economic Measures and Associated Legal Risks and Opportunities for Businesses

The Hague & Partners in collaboration with Buren Legal Tax Notary hosted its 2nd interactive webinar about Successful strategies for overcoming the COVID-19 crisis with more focus on New Economic Measures and Associated Legal Risks and Opportunities for Businesses. 

In this webinar

  • Recent developments inregulations, tax measures, relevant practical examplesandtax optionsfor cash flow in addition to the measures offered;
  • THBA update on next stepsand economic situation


You can watch the webinar recording down below. 

Webinar #1 - Emergency Bridging Measures for Sustained Employment

The Hague & Partners in collaboration with La Gro Geelkerken lawyers and The Hague International Centrehas broadcasted their first interactive webinar about Successful strategies for the COVID-19 crisis: Emergency Bridging Measures for Sustained Employment - hosted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, at 10.00 -11.00 am CET.

In this webinar

  • Most recent updates and developments regarding new economic measures;

  • A detailed explanation of emergency bridging measures for sustainable employment as well as answers to the most commonly asked labour-related questions; 

  • Assessment of the COVID-19 effect on immigration and international staff.

FAQs from Speakers:

You can watch the webinar recording down below.