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Webinar #6 - July 23

finance webinar

ūüďÜ 23¬†July 2020 |¬†WEBINAR RECORDING

Who is it for?: This webinar is for the Netherlands based small and medium size companies that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The legal and finance experts will give an update about temporary financial remedies developed by the Dutch Government and the city municipality. They will give advice on what your company should to do in order to get financial support and what it is you have to be aware of.


Topics covered:

  • Financial instruments for small and medium sized companies - Gert-Jan de Jager
  • The criteria and procedures for these instruments (NOW 2.0, COL 2.0, Tozo, etc.) ‚Äď Gert-Jan de Jager
  • Update on current and future¬† Investor Relations activities - Guy van ¬†Eijkeren

Webinar podcast

Daisy Tjin A Lien

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