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Philip Mulder at The Hague Geothermal Reception

The Hague & Partners teams up with the Netherlands Energy Technology Platform

The Hague & Partners is happy to join Netherlands Energy Technology Platform (NETP) as a partner!

In The Hague, we are on the frontline of energy transition to create a more sustainable future. As the world searches for renewable energy sources and develop technologies to meet our ever-growing energy demands, it is essential for all parties to work together. As a part of that mission, we have joined The Netherlands Energy Technology Platform (NETP).

The Netherlands Energy Technology Platform is an initiative from the diplomatic networks in Brazil and the Gulf Area and RVO who work with partners in all areas of the energy sector. They catalogue and present Dutch-grown inventions and assist with deployment of technologies to help businesses everywhere thrive in a changing world. In essence, helping end-users from all over the world find available Dutch technologies for Energy Transition. In addition to that, NETP work with Dutch suppliers in the energy sector to reach potential clients all over the world by creating awareness of their offerings. 

We are happy to now offer businesses in ImpactCity, The Hague a powerful online platform to use for their international expansion plans. This is great news for innovators who would like to play an important role in the global Energy Transition.

Currently NETP has partnered with 12 other industry and public organisations in The Netherlands including Buccaneer DelftNetherlands Wind Energy AssociationDutch Energy from Water AssociationIRONWBATKI Nieuw GasOost NL (East Netherlands Development Agency)FMEInnovationQuarterLIOFRotterdam Partners, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate, and The Hague & Partners. We are happy to be part of this innovative initiative to accelerate energy transition.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact Philip Mulder

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