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What are you looking for?

The Hague & Partners Business Agency Conference

The Hague is an impact city and is considered the most welcoming city in the Netherlands for internationals. At The Hague & Partners we have started doing interactive online conferences to help entrepreneurs network effectively and efficiently during crisis times.


Who was it for?: This webinar is for active international entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand their business to Europe, looking for investors, partners, strategic contacts and guidance in various business related matters.  

What was covered?: 

  • Personal experiences of entrepreneurs in the South-Holland region
  • What does The Hague offer to the Indian businesses and entrepreneurs? (Economic vision)
  • What did The Netherlands and The Hague do to support entrepreneurship in response to COVID-19 crisis? (government initiatives, social distancing, etc)
  • What are the business, collaboration and funding opportunities in The Hague for international entrepreneurs?
  • If I am interested in starting or expanding  my business to the Netherlands, where can I start?
    Our Partners India Webinar


    • Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup

    • Anesh Kisoen, Business Advisor IT & Tech, The Hague Business Agency

    • Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor, The Hague

    • Marten van den Berg, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in India

    • Venu Rajamony, Ambassador of India to the Netherlands

    • Aditya Putta, Venture Sourcing Lead, WorldStartup


    • Impactful Smart cities

    Hub Speaker: Gerrit Jan van ’t Veen, Founder, WorldStartup

    Startup Speaker: Samuel Alvarado, CEO & Co-Founder at ModelMe3D

    Moderator: Parvez Alam, CEO, Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council

    • Impactful Societies

    Hub Speaker: Alex Taillandier, Programming Director, Humanity Hub

    Startup Speaker - 1: Mark Andres, Director, Elva Community Engagement

    Startup Speaker - 2: Alex Gunkel, Founder Space4Good

    Moderator: Suresh Krishna Bandi, Incubation Manager, SR Innovation Exchange

    • Impactful AI

    Hub Speaker: Olga Wielders, Program & Relationship Manager, The Hague Tech

    Startup Speaker: Matthew Westaway, Co-Founder & CEO, Voyc

    Moderator: Rama Iyer, Chief Innovation Officer, T-Hub

    • Impactful Agriculture

    Hub Speaker: Woody Maijers, programma regisseur Innovatiepact, Greenport West-Holland

    Hub Speaker - 1: Gerjo Engbers, Manager Asia, Delphy

    Startup Speaker - 2: Pim van Adrichem, Director at HortiTech bv

    Moderator: Dinesh Chauhan, COO at Indian Society of Agribusiness Professional

    • Impactful Security

    Hub Speaker - 1: Bert Feskens, Security Innovation Liaison, The Hague Security Delta

    Hub Speaker - 2: Philip Meijer, Senior Account Manager Safety & Security, Innovation Quarter

    Startup Speaker: Nadia Kadhim, CEO, Naq Cyber

    Moderator: Hamanta Borah, Head of Ecosystem Development, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

    Got a question?

    Speak directly with the our marketing expert Luba via l.fateeva@thehague.com