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Smart yields

Smart Yields - leader in the agriculture sector - chose The Hague

Honolulu agriculture technology company Smart Yields has selected The Hague as the location for its European operations. The announcement follows the company’s recent expansion into Asia through Hong Kong’s Cyberport Incubation Programme.

Smart Yields uses IOT to help small-and-medium-size farmers to farm smarter. Smart Yields connects farmers, their communities, municipalities, universities and agricultural researchers through crowd-sourced data gathered from a network of integrated agricultural sensors. The raw data covering everything from soil health to inputs such as water, energy and nutrients is translated by Smart Yields into actionable insight for the benefit of farmers.

In the United States, the company has – amongst others – successfully brought its IOT solution to the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, where it is helping with the prevention of crop loss due to late frost.

Smart Yields is hosting its first-ever European stakeholder event at The Hague on July 11, 2018. The company is part of West Holland’s growing agro-technology and social-impact movement, supported by InnovationQuarter and The Hague & Partners.

“The Netherlands is changing the way small- and medium-size farmers monitor and cultivate their crops, and we want to help bring those innovations to the world, aligning their farming frameworks with other global best practices,” said Vincent Kimura, CEO of Smart Yields.

Smart Yields has partnered with Salt Farm Texel, an “open-air lab” researching crops that are resistant to high-salinity growing conditions. Saline soils are a pressing agricultural issue due to changes in climate and sea levels. Smart Yields technologies will be used to monitor soil moisture, salinity and other conditions, with the goal of expanding to thousands of farmers in areas like Bangladesh. Using Smart Yields’ big data network, Salt Farm Texel can establish remote monitoring stations, allowing it to seamlessly work with farmers from around the globe. Smart Yields is also launching a partnership with Sensoterra, an Amsterdam-based leader in low-cost, soil moisture monitoring hardware. Smart Yields will pair its data platform and easy-to-use mobile interface with Sensoterra’s wireless hardware.

This global expansion lays the groundwork for Smart Yields’ development of regional Centers of Excellence to share and refine best practices across the agricultural sector – from agronomy to sustainability to workforce development. Smart Yields plans to host international farmers meeting in the Netherlands next year.