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IT & Tech

RegTech organisation Autenti sets in The Hague

From this strategic point, Autenti aims to grow into other European markets, including DACH, Benelux, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain.

Autenti is an all-in-one platform that enables organizations to accelerate their business by providing trust services such as electronic signaturese-identification services, registered e-delivery, and digitization of business processes.

Positioned as a leading solution ecosystem in Poland, Autenti is currently extending its reach into additional European markets, including DACH, Benelux, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain. To facilitate this expansion, Autenti has strategically established its presence in The Hague since March 2023, capitalizing on the Netherlands' reputation as an optimal location for scaling up fintech enterprises. Recognized as the EU's second-largest fintech industry hub, The Netherlands boasts over 850 fintech companies, financial institutions, and tech businesses. The Hague, in particular, aligns seamlessly with Autenti's objectives, given its specific focus on impact financing and institutional finance.

Autenti’s goal is to become the largest operator of trust services in the European Union. The company aims to provide customers, contractors, employees, and business partners with digital tools to conduct business processes securely, quickly, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Currently supporting over 7,000 companies, Autenti provides a wide range of digital solutions suitable for various business processes, including credits and loans, cash operations, bank accounts, insurance, leasing, automotive, HR, and more.

Meet Marco Gouw

International Sales Enterprise Director and Statutory Director of Autenti BV.

"The Hague was for us really a strategic point, because we are able to meet up with a lot of multinationals here. This location will definitely help us expand rapidly into the DACH and Benelux region."