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Quality of Life

The Hague ranks 3rd in the ECA International's 2019 list of top 20 most liveable locations for European expats!


The Hague, a city protected by dunes and 11 kilometres of beach, is a beautiful location and one of the most comfortable and safest cities, where children play in the streets and bike to school, traffic is well organised while the city centre is just a few minutes walk or drive away. The Hague is one of the most accessible cities.

People in our city tend to have a good work-life balance, flexible and part-time working hours are quite common here, which lead to a happier and more productive workforce. The Hague is an affordable city to live compared to other cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

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Healthcare & Insurances

Dutch health insurance is required for all people who live and work in the Netherlands. You have to take out a health insurance policy within 4 months after you register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP).

More information on insurances


In general, Dutch international schools only have English-language education. Foreign national schools, such as the French, German, Japanese and Korean schools, and the private American and British schools teach their national curricula in their native tongue. The European School curriculum is harmonised and taught in the language of the language section (Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish).

Primary International Schools

Secondary International Schools

Special needs education


The Hague region is dense with academic, scientific and high-level education.

Real estate

The Hague is a vibrant city, where old architecture meets new stylish residence. You will find green, peaceful neighbourhoods with lots of room for you and your family. Often when buying or renting a property in a new country you might have a lot of questions.

These resources will help you to be informed about local real estate market and housing rights in the Netherlands.