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Looking for a startup hub in Europe? The Hague is the place to be

The Hague, the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands, has a unique ecosystem, which is vitally important for entrepreneurs, startups and business people. Read all about the range of vibrant and unique startup hubs for your business.

The Hague - the city in Europe to make impact

Whether it's a community, a hub, or knowledge centers that combine both, The Hague has them all. As an innovative and growing ecosystem that is full of opportunities, The Hague offers spaces and groups for small and medium-sized businesses to grow together by providing opportunities for innovation through collaboration. Find a place to meet, work, grab a coffee, or strike up an interesting conversation that may just lead to your next great opportunity.

Our diversity of great hubs sets The Hague apart. Here we've included 5 of our city's hubs to show just some of the potential that The Hague offers:


One Pager Hubs

Apollo 14

Apollo 14 is the home of ImpactCity, a hub for impact-driven businesses who are doing good and doing business. We just got the word that they are also full house with their offices which goes to show how many impact-driven companies are here!

The Hague Humanity Hub

NGOs, International Organisations, and Institutes have a special place in our city with over 300 of them based in the international city of peace and justice! The Hague Humanity Hub is where they meet, share knowledge, and collaborate for a better world.

The Hague Tech

The Hague Tech is where you find the late-night coders, young, and energetic innovators who all innovate 'Better, Faster, and Together!' Not only a perfect home for startups and scaleups, but also for corporates looking to collaborate on new and exciting ideas.

Technology Park Ypenburg - The Hague

Built in the heart of the aerospace industry, at the former Ypenburg airport and Fokker Facility, Technology Park Ypenburg (TPY) offers unique testing facilities and tools for aerospace startups who want to save costs, but need to test their products or aerospace technologies  It's no secret that the field of high-tech manufacturing and innovation is booming. This hub provides a workspace, events, and networks to facilitate communication with others in this space as well as access to testing tools for additional creative projects.

YES!Delft The Hague

Yes!Delft The Hague is the The Hague based location of the world-renowned startup ecosystem with a specific focus on two key technologies of the digital society: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

WIsh to receive more information?

Get in touch with us via business@thehague.com for more information about startup hubs and doing business in The Hague.

Apollo 14